The Truth About Offensive Records

There's been a lot of discussion about scoring records and offensive records in comparing the Gators of 2008 to the explosive pass-oriented offenses of the mid-90s. So I thought a little depth and perspective might be of interest.

First, it's critical to note that the NCAA began counting bowl games in statistical records in the 2002 football season. As a result, stats from prior to that season did not count bowl performances and those since 2002 do.

Florida tied the school record with 611 points this season, but it took the Gators 14 games to reach that number. The 1996 Gators also scored 611 if you count the 52 Florida put on the board against FSU in the Sugar Bowl. Even then, they would have scored 611 in one fewer game. The '96 team holds the school record for points per game at 46.6 and that record remains intact. If you include the bowl performance that average goes up to 47.0.

The 2008 Gators finished the year with an average of 43.6 points a game, and that number actually ranks fourth in the UF record book behind the 1995 team (44.5) and the '01 Gators (43.8) as well as the '96 squad.

The 2008 Gators ran for 3,236 yards, which is the second most for a UF team trailing only the 1975 Gators (3,326). However the '08 team's average of 231.1 yards a game ranks as the seventh best. Similarly in total offense the Gators had the second most yards (6,231) in school history but only the ninth best (445.1) on a per game basis.

The 2008 team did set one clear record, averaging 5.94 yards per rush.

There's no disputing that the 2008 Gator offense was one of the best in school history. But it's hard to call it the best, especially in comparison to the '96 team.

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