Nance Making the Rounds

Nash Nance is sitting on three offers and is waiting on number four. Nance, a 6-3.5, 205-pound athletic quarterback, has offers from Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, UT Chattanooga and will receive one today from UCF. Nance and the rest of his Calhoun High School teammates started spring practice yesterday.

"I threw the ball around pretty good," Nash Nance said. "We are working on some quick slip screens and stuff like that but all in all it was real good once I got used to the new balls."

Recently, Nance, his father and teammate Da' Rick Rogers took a trip to a few schools.

"My dad and Da'Rick and I went to Mississippi State the weekend before spring break," Nance said. "It was really neat because the entire town revolves around the university and it's pretty cool. We went to a baseball game while we were there and the fans were yelling our names and that was crazy because we are still in high school. Da'Rick and I thought that was cool."

"UT-Chattanooga was a nice place. My dad wanted us to go check it out and see what they had to offer. They have a new coaching staff and it's a bunch of great guys and I wanted to see what it was like."

"I stay in close contact with Vandy as much as I can about once a week I would say. We talk about all kinds of things not just football but how things are going off the field. They are starting to run a no huddle type of offense like Mississippi State so that's good because that's what we do at Calhoun so I am used to running up tempo."

During spring break the three visited nine schools. including Tennessee, Virginia Tech, NC State, Duke, South Carolina, Wake Forest and a few more.

"Coach Kiffin and the rest of that coaching staff have a lot of confidence about how the season is going to go for them," Nance said. "Everything that they do is up tempo and fast paced at all times. They have a lot of confidence on that coaching staff so it will be interesting to see how they perform this season."

"Virginia Tech was nice. They run the zone read with the quarterbacks and they have some younger players at my position but they are looking for a guy that can run it and throw it around a bit so they are a good option."

"NC State was amazing. Da'Rick and I could not believe how amazing the facilities are there. We have been to some of the top programs in the country and they facilities that they have are on par with any other team in the nation. The strength and conditioning coach does great things with those players and the coaching staff is great and they have a nice offensive scheme."

"Duke was real nice they are building a bunch of new things. I mean all kinds of stuff so it will be real nice when it's all done. That staff up there is building a good program. They are trying to improve the caliber of athletes that they have. I think over the next few years they will be competitive."

"We went to the South Carolina spring game and that was nice. I think that Connor Shaw committed to them right after the game and I think they are only going to take one quarterback this year so they might not be an option moving forward unless they have a spot open up which might happen."

"Wake Forest was very nice and it's a challenging school. They have pretty new facilities that are very nice. All around with football and academics that's a great place to be. The quarterbacks run it a lot that's for sure and with me being a taller player I would need to work on runner much lower."

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