BCS Defended on Capital Hill

The coordinator of the Bowl Championship Series was in Washington D.C. Friday to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee's commerce, trade and consumer protection subcommittee.

John Swofford, who is also the Commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference told lawmakers that a switch to a playoff system would threaten the existence of established bowl games.

Swofford, reading from a prepared statement said sponsorship and TV dollars that currently go to bowl games would be re-directed to playoff games making it tougher for non-playoff bowls to survive.

Of course this is nothing new with regards to efforts from smaller schools to improve their chances of getting to play for the national title. Utah's perfect season in 2008 is just the latest storyline to inspire sympathetic politicos to try to pressure the big boys of college football to open up their system.

Chances are nothing comes from any of this, even though the President has indicated his desire to see some sort of playoff. Still, it's a topic that seemingly will never go away.

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