Beachum High on the Gators

Dallas (TX) Maceo Smith is home to one of, if not, the biggest quarterbacks in the nation. Whether or not he plays that position at the next level remains to be seen. "Big Tex" Jatashun Beachum is 6-2 and weighs 270-pounds and runs in the 4.6 to 4.7 range on a consistent basis.

Jatashun Beachum mostly plays quarterback for his team but also gets a chance to play all along the defensive line as well as running back and full back. He spoke about his offer from the Florida Gators.

"When I first got the call about the offer from Florida I could not believe it," he said. "That was the call that I have been waiting for because Florida is my dream school and has been for a while now. I have always wanted to go to Florida and they need defensive tackles and I am a great defensive tackle. Two years ago I watched them play Ohio State for the title and since then I fell in love with the school and that team and I have never even visited before."

"I have a bunch of magazines and pictures of The Swamp and stuff, and man every time I look at them I think about how much I want to play for them," he added. "I have talked to Urban Meyer a few times and he was telling me how they need players like me that can do a number of different things and he wants to meet me so my coach and I will be going down in June."

Beachum shared the news with his mother as soon as he got the offer from the Gators.

"I told my mom as soon as I got the offer that Florida is my favorite team and this was the one I was waiting on then I should just go ahead and do it," he said. "The biggest thing for me is would I see some early playing time or not. I have always wanted to go to Florida period."

Beachum talked about the Florida defense and how he would fit in if he ends up on that side of the ball.

"That defense is great and I think that I could fit in real nice with those guys and that coaching staff. That is my type of defense big and fast. I play gaps, 3-4, 4-3, defensive end or wherever they need me it does not matter to me. I am very fast and quick for my size and have great lower body strength that helps me get off the ball real fast and it shocks everyone and I am by them before they know what's up."

Oklahoma is his No. 2 choice right now and he likes what the Sooners have to offer. The Oklahoma staff showed him a lot of attention.

Oregon is recruiting him to play quarterback and when you watch this lefty's film you can see why. On which position he plays at the next level he doesn't know what side of the ball he likes better because he loves both.

"The biggest thing for me is what position will I play at the next level. I will play anything, I just love to play the game of football. Some teams are wanting me to play defensive end or defensive tackle and others like me at running back or quarterback. To me I honestly don't know what I like more. I love tackling and blowing people up for sure but I also like running over people or shaking them when I get the chance. I mostly play quarterback for my team because that's where coach needs me but when we get up he will let me play some running back and when we need stops on defense I play all over the defensive line."

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