Coaches Making the Rounds

Now is the time when college coaches head out to as many schools as possible to show potential recruits how much they want them. caught up with a few prospects this week to see who had been by.

T.J. Stripling and Ken Malcome both had Coach Kenny Carter come by yesterday as did Mack Brown. Brown also saw coaches from LSU and Louisville. Garrison Smith said that coach Carter was scheduled to stop by his school on Friday. Sources from the Byrne program said coach Carter also stopped in to check on Brandon Willis and Torian Richardson.

Chris Dunkley said that everyone is coming to see him and the rest of his teammates on Monday. Tennessee and Wisconsin stopped in to see Cory Lemonier and Florida State and Georgia Tech went to visit with Tavaris Barnes. Pitt made it down to check in on Marcus Shaw and Terrence Mitchell who's only visit has been to FSU was greeted by Ole Miss, Virginia and NIU. Mitchell also said the factors that he will use to make his decision: 1) academics, 2) playing time, 3) defensive style I can flourish in, 4) comfort level/chemistry with in-coming freshman class, 5) does potential school have track record of playing true freshman or redshirting them, 6) putting players in the NFL, 7) dad's thoughts, 8) ability to compete for national title, 9) ability to compete for conference title, and 10) location.

Justin McCay has had visits from Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas A&M. Coach Bryan White visited McCay as well as Calvin Barnett, DeMarco Cobbs and Tony Jefferson. Jefferson had some very positive things to say about Florida and the attention that the Gators are showing him at this time.

Kenbrell Thompkins said that coach White came to see him as well.

On a side note, I caught up with Christian Jones and he told me that he is not close to making a decision and he likes both FSU and UF a lot right now. Obviously the longer it goes the better for UF but still seems to be a uphill battle.

Quarterback Marcus Smith had three teams come by Florida, Arkansas and South Florida. Coach Loeffler went to see Smith from the Florida staff. Oklahoma coaches went to see Matt Elam and Gerald Christian and Alabama went to see Da' Rick Rogers from Calhoun. Tennessee, Wisconsin and Rutgers all went to see Eduardo Clements and Tennessee/Wisconsin also took a trip to see Delvin Jones. Tennessee and Wisconsin seem to be everywhere together. They might be sharing a rental car to cut down on expenses. Both Pitt and UConn went to see Jaylen Watkins. Louis Nix just told me that while no schools have been to see him yet he is expecting the Gator coaches. LSU and Southern Miss have been to see Solomon Patton. Tennessee and Alabama have both been to see quarterback Barry Brunetti. Florida and Florida State have both been by to see Gideon Ajagbe.

As you can see things are crazy right now, and this is just from the last two days of talking with each of these players.

Central Florida went to see Ian Silberman and Florida will see him on Monday.

Virginia went to see Christian Jones on Thursday. B.J. Bostic saw South Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and Georgia Tech.

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