Nelson's Prayer Answered

It was a little bit of an unorthodox way to collect his scholarship offer to play football for the Florida Gators, but Gainesville High School linebacker Kevin Nelson got what he had been praying for when Urban Meyer extended that offer at 7 a.m. Monday morning. The local gridiron monster is on a roll in the last week collecting offers from the last two national champions.

This is one Kevin Nelson was waiting on for quite a while. Gainesville High School is literally two miles or less from the Florida campus and Nelson has been to see the Gators numerous times over his high school career. On Monday, he finally got something he spent a great time hoping for.

"I have wanted it for a while," Nelson said Monday night. "It's hard to say, I don't know the reason it took so long. It is an offer I have waited for a long time and been praying on. I am very happy about it."

Oddly enough being so close to school didn't help the current Florida staff get a live look at Nelson. John Hevesy used to be the recruiting area coach for GHS, but he has since moved on to Mississippi State. There is no current coach on the Florida staff that had seen Nelson play live. That all changed this past weekend when assistant coaches Brian White, Steve Addazio, and Vance Bedford made it over to GHS for a scrimmage.

"I talked to coach Meyer over the weekend," Nelson said as he started to describe how the whole offer thing went down. "I had a scrimmage this Saturday and Coach White, Coach Addazio, and Coach Bedford came to the scrimmage to see how good I was. They wanted to confirm that I was a good player. They got with Coach Meyer and Coach White told me to call Coach Meyer Sunday."

The three assistants saw enough to make sure that Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer knew he was a player they should be very interested in.

"I didn't really believe I played as well as they said I did," he said. "I think I could have done better. I never really played on that field before except at practice. I don't know it was kind of crazy."

He made the call to Meyer, who got things moving pretty fast.

"We set up a meeting for this week, but we ended up going this morning at 7 a.m. Me, my uncle, and my coach went over (to the stadium and met with Coach Meyer and he told all of us that I have a scholarship to go to the University of Florida."

Nelson has decided to take everything in stride and wait to make a decision, just to cover all of his bases.

"It is a new motivation and will keep me working hard," he said of the new offer. "I'm not going to make my decision any time soon. I feel good that they offered me, it will make me work harder and keep me focused on what's important.

The new offer from the 2008 national champions comes on the heels of an offer he got from the 2007 champs. These are two of the four offers he currently holds and much more interest he starting to garner from elsewhere.

"LSU offered me last week and that was a motivation booster too," he said. "I have offers from Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and UCF. I am hearing from Ole Miss and they may offer. I am kind of waiting on Miami to see if they are going to offer and hopefully they are. I am leaving my options to everything.

"I am going to take some trips. I am going to Baton Rouge after my spring game. My aunt, my coach, and possibly my brother will go there with me. I am going to Arkansas and UCF during the season, If Miami offers I will take a visit there. I am not going to take ten visits or anything, I will narrow my schools down to four or five and take those.

On a big time workout and nutrition regimen, Nelson is busy growing and is currently up to 6-1, and 225 pounds. He also is hitting the books hard and will be graduating in December so that he can enroll in college in January.

"I am in the process of graduating early so I can enroll early," he said. "Coach Meyer talked to me about that this morning about keeping my grades up like they are and to take the test one more time and just keep working hard."

The process for Kevin Nelson just got a lot more exciting and so it is for fans of schools like Florida and LSU. As he prepares for his spring jamboree games on May 22 against Eastside and Buccholz, Nelson will have a lot less on his mind so he can just go out and play football.

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