Celtics Will Lean On Boone in 2009

Ocala Trinity Catholic will have a new look on offense in 2009 and it all starts with the quarterback. Missing will be do-everything signal caller Rob Henry who has moved on to play college football at Purdue leaving a couple of young quarterbacks to take over this season. Coach John Brantley has decided he is going to lean on his star to get back to the state championship.

When you have an athlete like Kadron Boone lining up on offense, your first goal should be to get him the ball any way you can. Couple that with the lack of experience at the quarterback position and Boone is likely to be allowed to take control in certain situations this 2009 season.

Trinity Catholic Coach John Brantley is in the process of watching his offense grow and likes what he sees so far from a relatively young group.

"We have a lot of work to do," Brantley said matter of fact like after practice on Wednesday. "This is a good spring, we have a bunch of young players and a good JV team and a lot of guys from that team. We started off slow and are getting more complicated. We start from square zero and I know a lot of our seniors get bored with it, but that is part of it. What we are trying to do is build depth for the fall."

One complicating matter is the lack of experience at quarterback. Brantley has two young guys that he would like to be brought along slowly, so he is going to rely a lot on his super talented receiver Kadron Boone to help bring the team along this fall.

"We have two young quarterbacks and I don't want the burden on them the whole time," Brantley said. "We will take some of that pressure off of them and insert the 'Wildcat' offense. Everyone is doing it and we might as well follow the trend. Any time we can get the ball in Kadron's hands we need to because he's a play maker. Besides running the ball he can throw the ball too. He's a double threat, so that is exciting for us."

Brantley compares Boone to former Celtic receiver Deon Lecorn who has sense moved on to play at South Carolina.

"He is a lot like Deon Lecorn, but he is more refined," Brantley said. "He had the advantage of having Ricky Natiel coach him up his first two years and Natiel is one of the best receiver coaches I have been around. Now he has the size of Lecorn and can do a lot of things. He is a little quicker and can do a lot on both sides of the ball. At 6-1 and 192 pounds he has good size and speed and combination that he needs to be successful at the next level."

Boone is being heavily recruited by a lot of big time programs. Currently top passing teams like Florida, Texas Tech, South Carolina and others have made their way to Ocala to check him out and are in his ear about recruiting.

We caught up with Boone for a few minutes after practice to talk about his season and the recruiting process he is currently a part of. Here is our video interview with Boone.

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