Tough to Predict this year's Class

The Florida Gators are sitting at 12 verbal commitments for the class of 2010, a number that could very easily be at 17. There are no less than five players that have tried to pull the trigger to the national champs.

Will some of them be in this class? I believe they will, but the point is simple, how do you fit 35 players into a class size of 23? The answer on the other hand is not so simple, you don't.

Let's look at the numbers that are left on the board. If you factor in four and only four wide receivers, the class reaches 16 commitments. Then throw in another three defensive linemen and you are sitting at 19.

One very important decision is whether the Gators take a kicker in this year's class. If the answer is yes then it's at an even 20. Now you look around to find yourself without a running back (21), a linebacker (22), a third corner (23) and, what if Florida wants a second quarterback (24) or a second running back (25). These are tough questions to be answered and I believe the ultimate answers will play out over the first two weeks in June.

When the camps begin in Gainesville, we will see if a third defensive tackle or defensive end emerges, one that the staff would not be able to pass on. At that point maybe they say to themselves we can't take a second running back or quarterback because this kid is just too good.

Florida is sitting right where it wants to be at this point in the recruiting process. The class is halfway done and the nation's top high school players are giving the Gators a serious and hard look. The Gators could go a number of different directions at any and all positions. At defensive end, I believe the Gators are the team to beat for eight defensive. This is a great problem to have, get them to camp and see who the actual best of the best is. Two more defensive ends are giving the Gators a serious look bringing the total to 10 different directions the Gators could go. One more defensive end that I was told will go to Florida if he decides to play on the East coast has also paid a visit to Gainesville bringing my total to 11 different players, and of those 11, eight have been to Florida and a few on more than one occasion.

When you look at the corners that are still out there - Kacy Rodgers, Johnavon Fulton, Nickell Robey, Terrence Brooks, B.J. Bostic and a few others - it starts to become very apparent how difficult a task putting this class together is going to be. Not because Florida can't get the best players available but because more than a few of the best available at each position are showing the Gators a lot of love at this time.

Thinking that it's going to get any easier at wide receiver and you better think again. Kenbrell Thompkins, Quinton Dunbar, Ivan McCartney, Kenny Shaw, James Louis, Solomon Patton, Chris Dunkley, Da' Rick Rogers, Christian Green, Justin McCay, DeMarco Cobbs, James Haynes, DeAndrew White and believe it or not two more wide receiver prospects that are committed to other programs have serious interest in the Gators and continually contact the staff on a regular basis.

Now if you have followed along and worked through your mock class as most of you have at this point you will know that things change in a blink of an eye. Congratulations, you have worked out the entire wide receiver board, defensive line board with both tackles and ends, the running back board, decided on if you will take a kicker or not and went out and found another linebacker.

I almost forgot to mention this but you also need to find two more offensive linemen. Just when you thought you had it all figured out you forgot about the big nasty offensive linemen in the trenches. It is hard for me to imagine the class size is only 23 players but the numbers don't lie they are what they are.

Could Florida go with 25 players? Yes, but only if a few decide to make the jump to the National Football League. It is easy to say this guy or that guy will leave early but let's not forget Brandon Spikes. I don't believe there is a Florida fan in the entire world that believe he would come back for his senior season.

Once again, like each and every Monday night, I will hold chat from 10:00 p.m. for about an hour or so.

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