Coaches Poll Has To Go

The decision to of the American Football Coaches Association to return to secrecy as it relates to their college football poll makes it mandatory that the BCS do away with the coaches' poll forever. You cannot have any aspect of the inane BCS selection process that does not have complete transparency.

If the coaches are so cowardly and unprofessional that they are unwilling to own up to their rankings they should not take part.

There are so many reasons to do this I could write for several pages but I won't bore you with that much detail. Instead we'll look at the biggest problem with secrecy in this situation. The coaches involved have clear conflicts of interest where this is concerned and accountability is the only thing to keep someone from under-rating a key rival in order to keep that team out of the title game. With the coaches' poll one-third of the selection process that is simply unacceptable.

If the BCS is going to continue to use this three-pronged system then they need a new poll to replace the coaches' poll. One option would be to go back to a media poll and let those media members who are willing to participate apply for a ballot. The BCS folks can make selections to ensure appropriate geographic and media type (print, radio, TV, internet) balance. That poll would co-exist with the Harris Interactive and computer rankings.

But it still wouldn't be my first choice.

The Best Option

Instead of using a variety of computers that often produce wildly different numbers and a poll of the "has been" figures in college football the BCS needs to make a drastic change.

It is time to form a selection committee to choose the teams for the BCS Title game and at large invitations. The committee can be appointed by the BCS directors and should not include any current coach or athletic director. Instead the committee should be comprised of a mix of former players, coaches and administrators and media. That committee would meet on the final weekend of the season and announce its selections with each member's ranking of the top 10 teams public.

A selection committee with individual ballots would be the cleanest and most accountable method to select these teams and with the importance attached to the result that is an important thing. People will always have issues with the make up of the committee, but it's still an improvement – or a "tweak" if you prefer.

And we all know that the BCS needs an annual tweak.

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