Koehne Ready for Hard Work

He's gotten his body adjusted and now he has to get his mind ready for what will be a grueling start to his college career. Indianapolis (IN) offensive center Kyle Koehne will be arriving on campus at Florida later this month and the 6-6, 285-pound lineman is preparing for a new position. He's just starting to understand all the hard work ahead of him and has been getting himself prepared for it.

Kyle Koehne has played guard or tackle for all of his high school career. The staff fluctuated a little during his recruitment and not quite sure what position they wanted him to come in and prepare for. Now that it is set, he understands he has a lot of work to do for that and with the rest of his college career.

"I am going to be a center, I spent all spring snapping the ball to prepare myself for that," Koehne said. "The last time I did it was like sixth grade. I kind of taught myself and a little bit from my high school coach to help me.

"I should be able to shotgun snap and Coach Addazio tells me I need to practice snapping at least 25 times a day. When I get down there I can spend more time working on it.

"It's going to be really hard work. The closer it has gotten (showing up at Florida), the more the reality has sunk in. All I am thinking about is working real hard and making sure I get good grades. It's both athletics and academics that are going to be hard, but worth it in the end."

Mom and dad Koehne are probably going through their thinking process to having their hulking young son leave home. So far they have done a pretty good job of hiding any anxiety they may have.

"I'm leaving here the 21st," he said of his trip down to start his college career. "They are kind of hiding (their anxiety) from me right now. They are probably getting nervous for me and kind for sad I am leaving soon. My dad is getting on to me about snapping all the time and make sure I am ready when I get down there."

Koehne knows who he will room with and also has started to become friends with a lot of guys on the squad.

"There will be four of us in Apartment style," he said. "It will be me, Jon Halapio, Xavier Nixon, and Jelani Jenkins. Unless we are stuck in the two person dorms, then it will be Jon Halapio and I. I am cool with Jelani Jenkins and I met Xavier before at camps and throughout the year. I started talking to Nick Alajajian and Jonotthan Harrison when I was down there for the spring game. I am kind of cool with them."

Koehne has spent a lot of time in the weight room since basketball season was over. He now has more bulk than he has had since his sophomore year and much more muscle than he has ever had. His 285 pounds are going to be needed to fight off the interior lineman at practice he will see every day.

"I have been working out a lot," he said. "In high school I had basketball, but I have been working out every day doing the 'Florida' working out and working out with my personal trainer doing running and stuff."

Koehne's goal for his freshman year is to get into shape enough to help the team if called upon to do so. He understands the rigors of a freshman football player and especially that of linemen.

"My ultimate goal for the year is to make the travel team," he said. "If I can't do that then I just want to get better and get into the program."

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