Big Day for Brooks in The Swamp

Corner back Terrence Brooks, 5-9 and 170-pounds, from Dunellon (FL) was very impressive in the morning session in Gainesville today.

"My legs are kind of shot right now to be honest with you so I don't think I am doing the second session today, but I will be there supporting some of my teammates when they take the field," Terrence Brooks said.

Today was a day that Brooks has been looking forward to for a long time.

"I went pretty hard today. We started out working on technique drills and I was doing good going through all that stuff. Then Coach Heater who was watching the corners came over and picked three of us to go in The Swamp and compete against some of the wide receivers. I went against Jonathan Dowling a couple times and broke up two balls. I was aggressive all day and wanted to show the staff what I could do."

Brooks had a chance to speak with both Coach Vance Bedford and Coach Scot Loeffler.

"Coach Bedford told me that I was very impressive all day and liked what he saw out of me. Coach Loeffler said I did real good and he wants me to give him a call Tuesday. I went against bigger wide receivers all day and the coaches loved what they saw. I will see what they say when I give them a call on Tuesday."

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