Urban Meyer Camp Day One: QB/WR

Being only day 1 of the University of Florida's annual football camp we got see a few really good prospects from around the state of Florida and Georgia today.


Jamius Gunsby
The Good: My pleasant surprise of the day and the best QB in attendance. Gunsby showed good footwork and a cannon attached to his right shoulder. Gunsby and Loeffler were attached at the hip during the morning session and I think Loeffler liked what he saw. He is well built and definitely stood out from the crowd.

Areas to work on: This particular camp session he didn't get to show off his athletic ability but he seems to have the tools. Gunby was erratic at times especially late in the session in The Swamp when he was the only QB invited in.


Jonathan Dowling
The Good: The 6-3, 185-pound Dowling actually worked out at receiver today and was quite impressive. If I hadn't seen him on the defensive side of the ball before I would have thought he was one of the top receivers in the country. Dowling is long and lean and gets good separation when he hits his stride. His speed wasn't the only thing that impressed today; I was surprised by how good his hands were. I don't remember him dropping a single pass all day. Now the question is what position will he play at UF wideout or safety?

Areas to work on: Dowling has a very good frame but he could really use 15 to 20 pounds especially if he is going to contribute early on the defensive side of the football.

Michael McFarland
The Good: The kid has an amazing frame and really long arms. His footwork looked very good in drills today but got away from it in one-on-ones. Even though he does not have great speed somehow he was able to get separation from one of the top LB's (Demetre Baker) at the camp today. McFarland was good today not great; he might have more potential as a defensive end.

Areas to work on: McFarland could definitely use a lot of weight. Right now he is 220, but he has the frame to add 30 pounds and still be affective. He needs to get faster especially if he wants to play the same role as Aaron Hernandez.

Ace Sanders
The Good: The Manatee High School star was very impressive today, almost as impressive as Dowling even though he is a good six inches shorter. Sanders impressed all day long, but especially when he was in The Swamp. He caught everything thrown his way, showed off his speed, and his tremendous feet. Could this be what Sanders needed to gain an offer from the Gators? I think the Gator coaches will be looking hard at Sanders over the next couple of months.

Areas to work on: Sanders has a very small frame but that's something he can't change, he can work with what he has. Catching the ball with his hands is something he can change and could be his ticket to a Gator offer.

Michael Bennett
The Good: Bennett is a very physical receiver with above average speed. He has a very good frame at 6-3 and almost 190 pounds and he gets in and out of his break pretty well for a bigger receiver. He does not have a Florida offer at this point in time but if some other prospects don't work out Bennett could get a look down the line.

Areas to work on: Elusiveness is a key attribute in wide outs and Bennett is severely lacking in that area. Unlike Ace Sanders, Bennett just doesn't have the foot speed that Urban Meyer likes to see from his wideouts.

Brandon Terry
The Good: Terry doesn't seem to be 6-6 as listed but he is still very tall and pretty close to his listed 190 pounds. He is very light on his feet and moves well for a kid so tall. He is long and lean and could add some good weight to his frame. He caught the ball pretty well today and showed good body control in drills. He is a future possession receiver that can go up and get the ball.

Areas to work on: His footwork was a bit off today and Billy Gonzales was trying to get that fixed today in drills. He like Bennett, seemed to lack that top end speed that is desired for wideouts.

Jalen Saunders
The Good: Saunders in very quick, but has more straight line speed than lateral movement. He showed great hands today with a one handed catch from Gunsby. He got good separation in one-on-ones and showed he deserved to be with the top group of receivers.

Areas to work on: He is very slender at about 5-8 and 140 pounds and needs to add a lot of weight if he is to compete with D-I players. He could use some work on his technique and his route running but overall I think he surprised some people today.

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