Christian Lemay Familiar with Gators

Quarterback Christian Lemay from Matthews (NC) David W. Butler High School has some ties with the Gators. Lemay is one of the most heavily recruited players from the class of 2011. The signal caller went in-depth about the Gators, Gainesville and his faith.

"Right now I am really excited about the recruiting process and I wasn't expecting it this early," Christian Lemay said. "I am happy that I am being recruited by Florida and other top schools. We have schools that come through all the time - Florida, Florida State, Penn State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Alabama, Illinois, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Clemson and I think Miami and Louisville, Georgia, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Notre Dame and maybe UCLA and Oregon. They come during our weight lifting class and I don't have that class every day but we have had a bunch come through."

Lemay is more than familiar with the Gainesville area.

"I lived in Gainesville until the sixth grade and the summer before my sixth grade season we moved to Charlotte and my father started his own church - Champion Christian Center," he said. "That is very exciting for us and a great time for our Church and God is in it no matter how you look at it. Many call it a recession but I call it a progression because God has given us a whole bunch of things for the church like land and buildings"

Lemay's father talked about the progression of the Champion Christian Center.

"We have two properties," he said. "Last year a seven acre partial in South Charlotte and then we added a six acre property that has a 22,000 square foot building located in Pineville which is also in South Charlotte. It gives us room to grow. This weekend we are having our summer kickoff and family fun day where we acknowledge all of our youth and a church wide cookout and play a bunch of games and it's an exciting time to kickoff the summer and honor our youth and the accomplishments they have achieved."

Not only is Lemay familiar with Gainesville but he knows more than a few players and keeps in contact with a them.

"I am pretty familiar with the class that just left because my dad was there when they were coming in as the team pastor," Lemay said. "I went to camp at Florida up until my eighth grade year and stuff was hectic with my own team and haven't been down since, but I am looking forward to getting there soon. I think this Thursday I will be at Florida working out. I am very accustomed to the team and guys like Tim Tebow and John Brantley. I have kept in contact with Todd McCullough and a few others.

"My evaluation of Florida and any other school is what is there way of life. A lot of people say that they have religion but do they live what they are saying. I am excited to know that Florida works with players and cares deeply about their spiritual walk and do things the right way. They have good local churches in that area. When I sat and talked with Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow, I looked up to those guys. I grew up watching Danny on Sun Sports, watching him giving glory to God letting me know that it can be done. Until that point I had not seen that other than through Randall Cunningham. They take a stance in what is right and what they believe in. Tim is my role model in living my life and being prepared. Just because God is my life doesn't mean you must be passive it's the exact opposite. If you are a Christian athlete you can play the game with passion."

At 6-3 and 205-pounds, Lemay talked about what makes him so dangerous at the quarterback position.

"Right now, getting the ball to my playmakers is something that I do well. I work real hard on my footwork and I think that stands out to a lot of coaches. My release is clean up top as they like to say without a hitch and its fluent. I use more of my legs versus being just an arm kind of passer. I am more of a full body passer. I am always working on my accuracy but I think that I am very accurate and continue to work on that but those are some traits people might say about me from the outside."

With players making decisions earlier and earlier Lemay isn't sure what his time table is going to be but he does know once he gets the word he will make the choice.

"Right now, I am just thinking about enjoying the process I mean teams change, coaches change and players leave early and all those things can impact my decision. It's not my decision I am waiting for God to make that call. When God tells me where to go then I will be ready to make the choice. It could be now or the night of National Signing Day but whenever it is I will have peace about it."

Lemay will be at the University of Florida on Thursday to work out for the coaches. He is very excited to get back to Gainesville and take a look at the new facilities. He will be heading to California for the Elite 11 Camp, a childhood goal of his and will not be able to attend this year's Friday Night Lights.

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