Lemay Impressed with Gainesville

One of the most high recruited players from the class of 2011 will be quarterback Christian Lemay. Lemay from Matthews (NC) David W. Butler High School measures in at 6-3 and 205-pounds.

"We arrived in Gainesville Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and I hung out at the hotel with my brothers," Christian Lemay said. "We got up on Thursday and worked out for about a good two hours. The workout was amazing. Now I know why people say that Coach Loeffler is one of the top quarterback coaches in the country. The terminology he used, but yet you understand everything he is saying at the same time and his NFL experience is tremendous with guys in the league he has coached. I listened to everything that he said to correct me and I was very excited to learn from a coach like him."

Lemay remembers what Gainesville used to look like the last time he was in town.

"Oh my goodness, the facilities are amazing," he said. "I have never seen anything like that, not personally. It's all top notch. They have taken it over the top now and it's ridiculous, it's all new rubber floors and the new indoor 40 area with turf inside is just crazy. The weight room is huge. I mean that thing is huge, the coaches areas and offices. I wasn't even sure where I was most of the time."

Christian wasn't the only Lemay that was impressive today at camp.

"It was good my dad watched some of the workout but he was taking pictures with my brother Uriah working out and for an upcoming freshman. He impressed a lot of people and did very well. Most of the people thought that he was in the class of 2010 and thought that I graduated last year. I was focused on working out and learning everything I could from Coach Loeffler because he is an amazing coach that has coached a bunch of people in the league and that is where I am trying to get."

The Lemay family and Tebow family have a lot in common, and Lemay was able to catch up with quarterback Tim Tebow earlier today.

"I caught up with Tim Tebow and we had a great conversation. I was learning how to deal with the pressures of college life and the expectations and keeping things grounded. He went through all of this before so it was great to hear from him and his take on how to handle things. I also spoke with quarterback John Brantley and what it's like playing behind a legend like Tim Tebow. John and I also talked about what the offense is going to look like once he takes over and Tim leaves."

There has been a big misconception with regards to what kind of offense the Gators run and for Lemay he was able to get the answers he was looking for.

"I talked to coach Loeffler about the offense. They work around the quarterback position. If the quarterback is a better runner like Tim then they can be more run oriented. If the quarterback is a better passer then they will be more pass oriented when the time comes. With Tim they will run it more and with John pass it more. I will watch the situation intensely but I had a great sit down conversation with those guys and Coach Meyer. Some people tell you certain things but that doesn't make it true. I could tell the sincerity in Coach Meyer's voice and the look in his eyes."

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