Gators Land #14

Stephen Alli is the perfect example of a "Diamond in the Rough." From Andover (NH) Proctor Academy, Alli has flown under the radar, which at 6-6 and 210-pounds is hard to imagine. Originally from Toronto, he is relatively new to the game of football, and this weekend he became a Florida Gator.

"I called Coach Meyer Saturday night and we talked for a while and asked me if I spoke with my parents yet," Stephen Alli said. "I told him that I did and they were excited for me and supported my decision to be a Gator 100 percent. He was real excited and he can't wait to be my coach, and he was real happy that I made the decision. It is a big step but I am ready to take it.

"I met with Coach Gonzales and enjoyed spending a bunch of time with him and the few hours that I worked with him I learned a hell of a lot and he can get the best out of me when I am at Florida. My strengths are getting up the field and going up and getting the ball. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it's a great honor to be a part of that and will help me being a part of that."

Last season, Alli ended the year with 14 receptions with eight of those going for touchdowns. With 4.38-speed, he will be a nightmare for opposing defenses next season not only in New Hampshire but in the Southeastern Conference.

"I have played football before but this past season was the first year that I took things seriously and played on a good team."

Alli talked about what impressed him when he was in Gainesville.

"They have a great combination of solid academics and outstanding football. Florida has great year-round weather and the football reputation is the best in college football. I have watched several of their football games on television."

Alli also talked about the camp he took part in.

"I was there on June 9. I preformed pretty good, but it was also a great learning experience. I spoke with many of the coaches, Coach Meyer, Coach White, Coach Gonzales. I think they were impressed with my physical capability but a lot of my game is still raw."

Landing an offer from the Florida Gators was exactly what Alli was hoping for.

"I met with Coach Meyer and he extended the offer. I was extremely happy and I was excited he saw great potential in me. Coach Meyer is extremely passionate and is very experienced in the game. He said I have great potential and with good coaching and training I can be a contributor to another BCS Title team. My parents are happy and supportive of me playing for a coach like Coach Meyer. This is the greatest opportunity I have ever had and I plan to take full advantage of it. Florida has the best football facilities that I have seen so far and the camp was great I loved it."

Alli plans to major in medicine while at the University of Florida and has a plan of where he sees himself in 20 years.

"I will work hard to be the best wide receiver I can and work to go into the National Football League. After a good career in the league I will hope to pick up with medicine where I left off in college."

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