Gerald Christian Talks Gators

The nation's No. 5 ranked tight end prospect and No. 52 ranked player overall in the Southeast is William T. Dwyer standout Gerald Christian from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Christian, Matt Elam and eight others from Dwyer loaded up and went to Florida this week for camp.

"It was real cool," Gerald Christian said. "We had a great time at Florida. We had like 10 of our teammates go up with our coach."

For Christian, the trip was the first since announcing his intentions to become a Gator.

"It was kind of crazy," he said. "I didn't expect all the attention. Florida showed me so much love before I told them I was going to be a Gator but the funny thing is they showed me way more love when I arrived on campus even though they know I am going to come be a part of this. I love how they use the tight end in that offense. It's going to be amazing. I mean they line the tight end up at fullback, wide receiver and the traditional tight end spot and he is a huge part of the offense and the tight end can get the ball in so many ways its going to be awesome."

It was also the first time that Christian was able to work out with his new position coach, Coach Brian White.

"Coach White is amazing. I love how he was coaching me and the things that he was showing me. What he was teaching me will help me tremendously during my senior season."

It was also another opportunity for the 6-3, 230-pounder to spend time with his new head coach.

"Matt and I spent a good deal of time with Coach Meyer up in his office and we talked about all kinds of things. Mainly Coach Meyer was asking about each of our families and making sure things were going okay for each of us. We talked about things dealing with life not related to football so that was real cool."

There is one similarity that Christian noticed between the Gators and his current teammates at Dwyer.

"They are just like our team back home. We are very close on and off the football field like a big family and that's exactly how the Gators treat each other."

Christian and the rest of his Dwyer teammates will travel to South Florida to participate in the 7-on-7 passing tournament in a few weeks and soon after that hopes to make it back to Gainesville for Friday Night Lights.

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