Boone Stars at Camp with Champs

One of the most impressive prospects to hit the Urban Meyer Football Camp the last two weeks lives just 40 miles from the Florida campus. Kadron Boone of Ocala (FL) Trinity Catholic put on a show at camp last week. Time and time again he put yards between him and the defensive back trying to cover him by making a difficult move look so simple. Florida will be pushing him hard to commit soon.

Kadron Boone is well coached and just makes defenders look silly at times. Mentored by current Celtics Head Coach John Brantley III and former Coach Kerwin Bell, he has a background conducive to making him the best he can be. But former receiver coach Ricky Nattiel is probably the one that really taught Boone how to do his thing and do it well.

"I came into high school as a running back," said the 6-1, 195 pound Boone. "I could have played there in JV, but we had a bunch of running backs. Coach Nattiel wanted to see me run routes. He tested me in 'The Classic' to see if I could play on varsity. He called me after that game and said I was going to be on varsity and after that I just fell in love with the position."

It is almost unfair that a prospect as thick as Boone is can move like he does. He cuts on a dime and at such a speed, no defender can keep up. Add in perfected head fakes and there may not be a more polished and ready high school receiver to step on a college football field in 2010. All of that and he uses his size to make life tough for defenders, too.

"At receiver, with me being big, I get to use it more to my advantage," he said. "I get to muscle people and Coach Nattiel just taught me to be physical. He taught me that when the ball is in the air, it has my name on it. Just working with him and watching Deon (Lecorn), I took a lot of notes and just learned."

Boone has actually trimmed his list of schools he is looking at, but still has a large number he is checking on to make sure he will make the right decision when it comes time to do that. He said he is getting advice from two former college players that went through the same process.

"I am cutting it down now," he said. "I want to plan for some visits. I still have about 10-15 schools I am looking at. I just don't want to overlook any school that could be the one for me. My cousins that have been the process have told me I am playing it the right take my time with it and go from there. Devin Hester from Miami and Earl Everett from Florida.

"These 10-15 schools are recruiting me equally. I am just trying to evaluate all the things I am told. If I have a top five to eight going into the season I can pretty much point out a couple I will visit officially for sure."

There was nothing really surprising about his camp visit to Florida. He has been there numerous times.

"I have been up there a lot of times, it is pretty much the same as always," Boone said. "I learned some routes. It was my first time running those kind of routes. I know you just have to go hard every play. If I am going somewhere I am looking to compete and wherever I go it is going to be like that."

Boone certainly realizes Florida has just about everything he is looking for.

"From the first day I went there and spoke with Coach Gonzales and Coach Meyer, they set everything on the table academic wise and made me realize that football isn't always going to be there and they have a great academic program," he said. "Me and Coach G have a great chemistry and Coach Loeffler and I have a great chemistry. I like the way Coach Gonzales uses his receivers and Coach Meyer doesn't think about football, but thinks about his players as family."

He got a taste at camp of the way Gonzales coaches the receivers. Boone says he really likes what Coach G brings to the table.

"If you are a playmaker, he will find a way to get you the ball and wants to rotate seven receivers in and out of the game," he said. "He has a great game plan with watching the opponents and coaches you upon the small things so when it comes to game time it will be a cake walk."

The Gators recently received verbal commitments from two receivers. They are looking to take four or five in the 2010 class. There are several receivers looking hard at Florida and time may be of the essence to make a decision. Boone seems to understand, but the Florida coaches are trying not to pressure him into hurrying too much.

"They've been talking to me and to Trey Burton," Boone said of the UF staff. "They told him if I am really considering them I need to hurry up and commit. But, talking to Coach Meyer, Coach Loeffler, and Coach G, they tell me they don't want to pressure me into doing something. They tell me to take my time."

Boone said he is done with camps and it is just time to start eliminating schools. He has a grasp of what he is looking for in a college destination.

"Academic background and the graduation percentage," Boone said are at the top of his list. "I want to see how many the football team graduates. I want to have a good receiver's coach I get along with. I want a coach that will be there for me, not just for football. I want to make sure they have a top notch business and sports medicine program. Then, I want to go to a place where I can potentially get some playing time as a freshman."

It is a tricky year for Florida at the receiver position in recruiting. They need to sign a bunch, but they have more than that of very high quality looking their way. Some decisions will be made by the staff and the prospects soon and Kadron Boone will be in the middle of all the thinking that goes with the receiver position.

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