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It's no secret that every college football program would prefer to play as many home games as they can. With the economy tightening up a lot of athletic department budgets, maximizing revenues is beginning to take priority over that again. With the big dollars about to roll in from their new TV deals, SEC teams are reaping the benefits.

Earlier this week, Alabama landed a one-way home game with San Jose State for a $1 million. The Spartans were scheduled to play Stanford, but will make $800,000 more by coming to Tuscaloosa for a beatdown instead.

Florida's football schedules for each of the next three years contain FCS programs. Regardless of whether Appalachian State, Furman, and Jacksonville State are among the better programs in the former 1-AA ranks, the reality is they could be a difference maker on strength of schedule for the Gators in a tight BCS race. Rather than take that chance, UF would be wise to revisit those schedules.

Boise State announced this week that they need to boost their program's income and are willing to travel for a one way game in both 2010 and 2011. A matchup with the Broncos, who have lost every game but one they've played at a BCS opponent's home stadium, would be more entertaining for the fans than the scheduled ones and almost certainly would get a good TV slot. It's a call Florida should make and see if they can make it happen.


A month before most NFL teams go to training camp, a pair of former Gators who had signed as free agents are unexpectedly on the outside looking in. Kestahn Moore had signed with the Denver Broncos after going undrafted, but was released on Thursday. The tailback joined Eric Wilbur on the unemployment line. Wilbur appeared to have a decent chance of being the New York Jets punter when he signed with the team, but was cut last week after having what New York papers reported was a disastrously bad practice.


The ACC announced this week that kickoff for their championship game in Tampa will be at 8 p.m. on ESPN, moving from its typical 1 p.m. start. Odds are that will help the normally embarrassing crowd size somewhat, although the TV ratings will likely only get worse with other football viewing options available. This move comes on the heels of moving the game's location from Jacksonville last year.

What the ACC doesn't want to acknowledge is that no one cares about their game because it doesn't give fans top teams to watch. Only Virginia Tech has entered ranked in the top 10 in the championship's four years of existence. Compare that to the SEC's champion in five of the past six seasons ending the year as either BCS champ or undefeated, and it's not hard to figure out why the SEC game is a giant success and the ACC's is not.

The ACC winner goes to the Orange Bowl to likely face a Big East team in a BCS game no one cares about either. The conference office has to be praying for an FSU and/or Miami revival this year while hoping they never see Boston College again. Otherwise, they'll just be looking at one third full stadium in prime time.


ESPN presumably employs Lou Holtz as a college football commentator to give his honest opinion on what's going to happen. Like judges with a connection to a case potentially appearing before them in court, it's time for Holtz to recuse himself from talking about Notre Dame.

According to Holtz, this year Notre Dame will be going 11-1 and finishing in the top 10 at the end of the season. His sincerity in predicting that would be considerably more believable had he not picked last year's 6-6 Fighting Irish squad to do the exact same thing. Holtz doesn't specify which game they'll lose, but let's presume it's USC since the score is 76-3 Trojans the last two years.

There are a number of teams on ND's schedule which appear to be way down this year including Purdue, Boston College and both sides of last year's atrocious Apple Cup in Washington and Washington State. With ND somehow losing at home to Syracuse last year though, there's no justifiable way to believe they'll handle every cupcake this season. Michigan State, UConn and road trips to Pittsburgh and Michigan aren't walkover games either.

Holtz could have indulged his pro-Irish bias and predicted a 9-3 2009 for them while having some credibility, but instead he's once again done everything but put on the leprechaun outfit. If ESPN won't make him stop talking about Notre Dame, they should begin running a disclaimer underneath him on the screen acknowledging "no facts were considered while making the following analysis".

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