Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

It's only been a couple of weeks, but a lot has changed since the last Private Screening. In this version we go into a little bit about the new freshmen and their arrival on campus. Three of them are late, but all are expected in by the end of the week and on the right path. We also will get into the recruiting board now that the main camps are over and heading into Friday Night Lights.

On the message boards at FightinGators.com we will discuss a hand full of the freshmen and what how they presented themselves when they arrived. There was some surprises just at the look of a few of these guys.

In the recruiting portion, we will take a look at the recruiting board and how it may have changed with the addition of two surprise commits in Stephen Alli and Travon Van from the camp workouts. The Gators only have room for about 11 more in the class and a lot of the studs still left in the class of 2010 will be looking in the Gators' direction as we head down the final lap of summer.

Come on inside the message boards at FightinGators.com and check pout the latest...

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