Who will make Nick their pick?

For the third consecutive year Florida is going to have a player chosen in the first round of the NBA draft. This time it's under unusual circumstances, as Nick Calathes might well not have been a first rounder had he not already agreed to a contract with a Greek pro team.

Thanks to that deal ensuring he will not have to be offered a guaranteed contract, Calathes is suddenly a desirable draft night commodity. Here are the teams to keep an eye on that are most likely to choose Calathes and secure his rights for the future.

DALLAS MAVERICKS - Mark Cuban announced his team had traded back from 22 to 24 in the draft Wednesday, saying via his Twitter feed that the Mavericks were confident they could get the guy they wanted in their new spot. The Mavericks worked out Calathes before he committed to play in Greece and were reportedly impressed with his performance. Are they willing to wait for a year or more to land him when Jason Kidd is getting near the end of his career though?

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES - The T-Wolves have four first rounders, but don't want to add four new players to their roster. They'll be looking to move up further in the draft than their current positions. Should they still have pick 28 when the time comes, Calathes would make a lot of sense as a way to avoid the problem of too many rookies at once.

LOS ANGELES LAKERS - The Lakers do not want a rookie to add to their roster next season. They don't have room and they don't want to pay one when they need salary space for trying to keep Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom. The Lakers have already acknowledged they are willing to trade their pick for a future first rounder and/or cash. Should they not find a taker, it's expected that they would look hard at Calathes should he still be available, with other foreign players also a possibility.

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS - Calathes was one of three players the Cavs brought in for a workout yesterday. Having acquired Shaquille O'Neal in trade, it's clear Cleveland's main focus is on winning it all now and convincing LeBron James to stick around. A rookie selected with pick 30 would tie up salary cap room and a roster spot but be unlikely to help them this season. Calathes would give them potential future help without doing any of that. Cleveland GM Danny Ferry skipped out on the L.A. Clippers to play in Europe when he had been the second overall choice, so he may have a better feel for how ready to play Calathes is likely to be next year than most personnel guys.

There's no way to know for sure what the draft holds, but the odds are extremely good that Calathes will be the only SEC player chosen during the first round of the draft. LSU's Marcus Thornton and Kentucky's Jodie Meeks could be second rounders.

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