Five Guys Who Probably Won't Win Heisman

Most years, you head into the college football season with a front-runner or two but at least a dozen or so players with an outside shot at college football's most prestigious award. The 2009 season is not one of those years. There are three players in the Heisman hunt, three.

It would be an epic surprise if the trophy was not given to 2008 winner Sam Bradford, 2007 Heisman recipient Tim Tebow or Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.

For a refresher, just look at the amazing numbers the three put up last season.

Player Pass Yards Rush Yards TD/Int Rush TDs
Sam Bradford 4,720 47 50/8 5
Colt McCoy 3,859 561 34/8 11
Tim Tebow 2,746 673 30/4 12


But someone else has to be invited to the awards ceremony, right? So here are five guys with the best chance of getting to NYC in time to watch one of the top three win the Heisman.

Zac Robinson ----- The Oklahoma State quarterback will put big numbers up again in 2009 just as he did last year when he passed for 25 TD and more than 3,000 yards. He'll be hurt by the fact that at his best he's the No. 3 QB in his own conference.

Jevan Snead ----- The SEC has only two established quarterbacks which is pretty remarkable and Snead has a chance to lead the Rebels into the SEC Championship Game for the first time in school history. If he does something Eli Manning never did he'll get some support, but he'll need to top 3,000 passing yards and beat LSU or Alabama and probably both.

C.J. Spiller ----- The runner from Union County just up the road from Gainesville has shared RB duties with James Davis during his years at Clemson but this year he's the main man. He could very well run for over 1,500 yards, catch 40-plus passes and break a few long kick returns. If he can top 200 all-purpose yards a game the country will notice. Plus he benefits from having all the other candidates being quarterbacks.

Tyrelle Pryor ----- Another guy who can benefit from his surroundings is this electric performer from Ohio State. Pryor passed for over 13-hundred yards and ran for 600-plus more while not being the Buckeyes' full-time QB. If he plays well and beats USC then Midwest Heisman electors will jump on his bandwagon with both feet. Only one Big Ten player has won the Heisman in the last nine years.

Jimmy Clausen ----- Don't laugh, the quarterback from Notre Dame always has a chance and Clausen should be ready to come into his own. He was a much better player last year with the notable exception of a four interception performance against Boston College. Notre Dame plays every game on national television and plays a pretty weak schedule. Like Pryor, Clausen needs to beat USC to get people's attention.


With the top three guys so dominant this might be a year where a great defensive player can get into the picture. Safeties Taylor Mays of USC and Tennessee's Eric Berry might be the guys with the best chance in that regard.

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