FSU and UGA Lead for Mitchell

Tampa (FL) Hillsborough cornerback Terrence Mitchell is one of the more widely recruited prospects in a talent abundant state of Florida for the 2010 class. Mitchell possesses all of the corner skills and physical traits that college recruiters love. The Florida State Seminoles and Georgia Bulldogs appear to be the leaders for the four-star corner.

Terrence Mitchell has a normal regimen of workouts that includes working out twice a day to keep him in peak form for football season. This summer he has stayed away from camps and concentrated on keeping his body in shape. It seems that most of the colleges know what kind of talent Mitchell is and so camps were pretty unnecessary.

"I am just in the weight room...I work out twice a day," Mitchell said about his summer routine. "I run every day and lift Monday through Thursday. I can tell I am getting a lot better.

I haven't done any camps or combines. My dad and I decided that we would hold off on camps and stuff. I have over 30 offers so it wasn't necessary."

His physical attributes jump out at you and these are what college coaches see in him. He is talented enough to play on both sides of the ball.

"They say they like my explosiveness and my speed," Mitchell said of the college coaches that are recruiting him. "Most schools have me on defense, but some schools are looking at me as an athlete. I want to play cornerback."

"FSU wants me at cornerback but they also want me on the offensive side of the ball too. USF and Duke are saying the same thing, I would be primarily a defensive player but then someone offense too."

The Noles lead the charge for Mitchell's services at the moment. Mitchell says FSU seems to be coming at him the hardest. That and a few other reasons have Florida State in the lead.

"FSU, I just feel they want me more than the rest of the schools," Mitchell said. "They can't call me but they can call my coaches. Teams like Florida do it too, but Florida State seems to do it more. Coach Dawsey is the one recruiting me the most.

"I have only been there one time and that was for their spring game," Mitchell said. "I like that Coach Terrell Buckley is going to be their GA this year. We all know that Bobby Bowden is going to be in retirement and that Jimbo Fisher will be the replacement. I like that it won't be a new man coming in and messing things up."

It's an out of state team that is closing in on FSIU for Mitchell.

"Georgia would be second," he said. "I like Coach Mack. He talks and I know he will be straight up with me. He tells you if you are good you are good and if not you are not."

According to Mitchell, the others are in the lead, but there is still a long way to go and any school can make a move for him still.

"I just have a one and two right now," he said. "I am still doing some research on some schools, but I haven't gotten too far with that. Actually all the schools are real close. I could say Florida is third,and they are close, but Florida State is ahead and everyone else is real close right now.

The Florida Gators are another school that is on his radar.

"I went to Florida just one time and for their junior day," he said. "I like the way that everything they do is up tempo. There is no slacking around or anything like that. They also seem like they are having fun all the time."

Regardless of who leads now, Mitchell plans on running the course during the recruiting process and will likely check out several schools. He does have an idea what his final decision will be based on.

"I won't make a decision until I take all of my five visits," he said. "Graduation rate is first for me. Playing time is very important. I need to know that the head coach is going to be there for all three to four years of my college career."

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