Assorted Bits of Tid

It's time for one of those miscellaneous type columns on various things happening in the college sports world.

Shut Up "ME"-Shawn ----- Did you happen to see former USC star Keyshawn Johnson filling in for Jim Rome on TV the other day? He was talking about Adrian Peterson wanting to claim the Heisman he thought he should have won and Johnson chimed in that he wanted to go to Danny Wuerffel's house and claim his. Unfortunately Johnson forgot that he was already in the NFL when Danny won the Heisman in 1996. It was all too typical of Johnson to have his mouth way out in front of his brain.

Not "Berry" good reporting ----- Former Tennessee football player James Berry is not too happy with the media after nationwide reports about his son Evan committing to the Vols. Evan, you see is 13-years-old. The younger brother of Tennessee safety Eric Berry looks to be a fine athlete and both he and his twin brother Elliott have won races at significant age group track meets. The media entity, a competing internet company should know better than to write such nonsense about a kid who is too young to even be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Gator Tops Gator for Volleyball Title ----- The Pan American Women's Volleyball Championship came down to Puerto Rico and former Gator Aury Cruz against the United States and another ex Gator Jane Collymore. Cruz was sensational with 20 kills, but the USA won the match three sets to one. The two were teammates on the 2003 Gator team that reached the finals of the NCAA Tournament. Cruz is widely viewed as the best all around player in school history; an honor that might switch to Kelly Murphy if her next three seasons were anything like the first one.

Lance Stephenson to Bearcats ----- One of the nation's most talented and troubled high school basketball players is planning to attend Cincinnati. Lance Stephenson, who Florida checked into before turning away, signed scholarship papers with the school, according to the New York Daily News. Stephenson still has to deal with charges of groping a female student as his Brooklyn, N.Y. school. That case is scheduled for July 15 so Stephenson's enrollment is far from a sure thing.

Hatching up another BCS Challenge ----- United States Senator Orrin Hatch isn't letting the BCS off the hook. Writing in an essay for Sports Illustrated, the Utah Republican is preparing for hearings next month on the anti-trust implications of the current system of determining which teams get to play in the most lucrative bowl games.

"The Sherman Anti Trust Act prohibits contracts, combinations or conspiracies designed to reduce competition," Hatch wrote. "I don't think a more accurate description of what the BCS does exists."

Hatch also goes on to criticize the way teams are awarded money for being a part of the BCS.

"Every team from a preferred conference automatically receives a share from an enormous pot of revenue generated by the BCS, even if they fail to win a single game," Hatch wrote. "On the other hand, teams from the less favored conferences are guaranteed to receive a much smaller share, no matter how many games they win."

Good thing the federal government has no significant issues to occupy its time like wars, lunatics with nukes and a horrible economy.

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