FNL Spotlight: Anthony Williams

One player that seems to be picking up a full head of steam is McDonough (GA) Union Grove defensive end Anthony Williams. If you look at what the Gators need at the position it could be argued they would like to take two strong side and one weak side defensive ends.

Or maybe they end up taking two weak side players (one of which could slide to linebacker) and one strong side.

Anthony Williams fits the mold of a strong side end being 6-4 and 230-pounds. The philosophy I like to use with high school defensive linemen is to add 20 to 25 pounds on their current weight. A player like Lynden Trail or Neiron Ball that are in the 210-215 range still need that 20 pounds to play weak side end. Players like Williams or Powell that are in the 230-240 range could stay at weak side or add the 20 or so pounds to play strong side.

In review, current defensive ends in that 200-215 range are targets for weak side defensive end positions or outside linebacker spots. Players in the 230-240 pound range could very easily play weak or strong side and in some cased move all the way inside depending on frames.

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