Breaking Down Florida: The CB's

After Spring and many summer University camps it is becoming apparent that the Sunshine State is once again loaded and extremely deep for 2010. With well over 300 players expected to sign D-1 scholarships, breaks down the players by position.

ANALYSIS: This is an incredibly deep year for CB's, we expect over 40 players to sign D-1 from Florida and perhaps as many as 60-70. Lamarcus Joyner has stated that he wants to play safety and we will rank him there.

1. Jaylen Watkins: The UF commit is 6'0 and runs under 4.5 in the 40. His seven interceptions as a sophomore at CB show the potential he has at this spot. Will play QB and S as a senior. Quick hips, burst, physicality, and natural play-making ability highlight an outstanding package that projects well to SEC football

2. Cody Riggs: Riggs is a pure CB who is the state's top prospect from a technical point of view. He does everything naturally well, does not get beat, and his numbers at the UA combine show outstanding athleticism. Riggs breaks on the ball as well as anyone in this class. At 5'10 he is tall enough. Georgia, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, and Tennessee are very much in it for his services.

3. Terrence Mitchell: From Chad Simmons, "Mitchell is an athlete first that is still learning how to cover in the secondary. Much of his time at Hillsborough has been spent at safety, so he needs to work on his coverage skills on the outside at corner. He has the speed and ball skills, but he needs to get stronger, work on footwork, and overall technique. His athleticism and ability also make him an offensive option as a recruit." Florida State and Georgia have separated themselves from the pack.

4. Tony Grimes: Grimes is an old school type of corner. He beats you up both mentally and physically. Despite not having great straight line speed, he does not get beat. Will play the run. Ideally suited to a short side cover two corner where he can do his thing at the line of scrimmage. Grimes just flat can cover. He is ready to play early. Georgia, Michigan, and Miami are three schools to keep an eye on.

5. Ricardo Allen: Confident player who has benefited from going up against O.J. Ross and Chevin Davis daily in practice. Despite being 5'9.5, Allen is a physical presence both at the line of scrimmage and against the run. Allen has good speed and quick hips. South Carolina, Arkansas, Clemson, Miami, North Carolina, and Florida State are just some of the schools interested.

6. Keion Payne: Payne has transferred from Dillard to St. Thomas. Should benefit from playing in a loaded secondary and one of the top coaching staff's in the state. Payne is smooth in transition, flashes hitting ability, and has man corner skills. He has solid speed with great burst. Appears to be a Miami-Florida State battle.

7. Jeremy Davis: Electrifying speed. Davis can flat run. The Miami commit is a brother to Phillip Buchanan and has transferred from Fort Myers to Cape Coral. He has played all over the field in the past (RB, WR, CB, S) and the versatile star should continue that next year. Few players in the state have the type of upside that Davis brings to the table.

8. Derek Owens: The Georgia commit is one of the state's top all around athletes. Owens even averaged 39 yards per PUNT. He makes a ton of plays on both sides of the ball including six picks last year. At 5'10+ with his experience, Owens is a player who should see the field early.

9. Spencer Boyd: Boyd is choosing between Notre Dame, Georgia, and Michigan on Friday. Has played mostly RB where his quickness and vision produce on a consistent basis. He has logged plenty of reps at DB over the last two years as well. A football player, Boyd just makes play after play. His willingness to hit and game speed project well to the defensive backfield.

10. Tre Boston: Ultra productive on both sides of the ball, the Cincinnati commit has played QB, WR, CB, and S. Was outstanding as a junior with over 700 yards receiving and four picks on defense. Tough and physical. We feel CB is his ceiling, but he could easily play S or WR for the Bearcats.

11. Eric Mitchell: Another 'tools' kid. Mitchell has excelled at RB for the Tritons the past two years, but it is to the defensive side of the ball that he projects. At 5'11+ and 175, he is a fearless hitter who should be able to match up with the bigger WR's out there. He has great speed and acceleration. Ole Miss, Michigan, South Florida, Vanderbilt, and Louisville lead the way.

12. Terrence Brooks: Played some RB as a junior, Brooks is another solid sized prospect who projects to CB. He recorded six picks last year. At 5'10+ he has the height schools are looking for coupled with sub 4.5 speed.

13. Nickell Robey: One of the top all around athletes in the state, Robey will surely make his mark on special teams to start his career. At 5'7.5, there is some questions about his size....there are none about his ability: 4.3 speed, NFL acceleration, and terrific in space. He could play in the slot on offense as well.

14. Lo Wood: The Notre Dame commit has been Central Florida's top corner for years. 5'10, 4.5 speed, he will hit, and has a ton of experience. He lacks the one elite quality of some of the other players, but also does not possess a weakness.

15. Richard Leonard: Like Robey, Leonard stands just 5'7.5, but also is an elite athletic package. He has excelled playing against some of the best WR's in the country in 6A Dade. Very physical for his size, Leonard can flat play football. He makes a ton of plays on the ball and breaks as well as any player in the state.

16. Rashad Knight: Big, physical player who might be better suited to S. Knight also excels on offense. You are looking at a CB who can handle the bigger WR's. Great hitting ability, he relishes contact. Illinois appears to hold an edge right now on the recruiting trail.

17. Merril Noel: The FSU commit and Pahokee product has a lot of confidence, moxie, and 'it'. He has shined at events, but will need to do it in pads. Noel is on the short side, but his physicalness is not in question. Could be this year's version of Alphonso Smith...a player whose game translates to the college level.

18. Tyrone Bouie: CB on State 6A Champion Seminole team who has the required height(6'0). He needs to pick up a step of speed, but the other tools are there to be a top flight CB.

19. Jhony Faustin: Faustin is a player who needs to be seen live to appreciate his game. He is a physical CB who has an outstanding feel in pass coverage coupled with 'game speed'. A lot of experience and he contributes on special teams. High character off the field.

20. Pablo Alvarez: The UVA commit is long at 6'3 and fast. Could play S at the next level, but will get an early look at CB. Has flown under the radar because he plays at smaller school in Dade. He will step up and hit you.

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