SEC Media Days Mission: Who Done It?

Undoubtedly one of the challenges that will face the mass of assembled media in Birmingham next week will be to solve the mystery. Which SEC coach snubbed Tim Tebow for First Team All-SEC in the pre-season rankings?

Urban Meyer was not allowed to vote for his guy, but someone else also chose to ignore the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner in favor of Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead and it wasn't Rebels Coach Houston Nutt.

First, let's put in clear view the absurdity of ranking Snead ahead of Tebow, starting with last year's passing statistics.

Tebow --- 2,746 YDS/30 TD/4 INT/64.4%/172.4 yds/game
Snead --- 2,762/26/13/56.3%/145.5

They are close in yardage only. In every other category Tebow the passer clearly outperforms Snead and by a significant margin. And that doesn't include each player's contributions running with the ball. There the gap becomes as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Tebow --- 176–673/3.8/12 TD
Snead --- 57-60/1.1/3 TD

Yes, Snead and the Rebels beat the Gators and Tebow but that really shouldn't factor in at all and it certainly doesn't make up for a difference of 597 total yards, 13 more TDs combined and nine fewer interceptions.


Now that we've established the total lack of sense that went into the decision the question becomes a legit "whodunnit" for investigations. There are 10 possibilities, several of whom can be readily dismissed.

You can eliminate Dan Mullen from suspicion right away. I also can't imagine nuts-and-bolts types like Rich Brooks or Bobby Johnson going that route. Say what you will about Nick Saban, he saw Tebow beat his guys in the fourth quarter of the SEC Title Game and had to come away impressed. Steve Spurrier and Gene Chizik are Gators so they get the presumption of innocence. That leaves us with four prime suspects and the odds that it's one of them.

Mark Right (10:1) ----- I've always liked Georgia's head coach except for two incidents. First is the time he killed my high school when he was at Boca Raton and the other is the childish celebration in Jacksonville. Still with the future of the Florida/Georgia game being batted around like a beach ball at a Dodgers game it's unlikely he'd want to distract from that.

Les Myles (6:1) ----- The LSU head man is a tough guy to read and certainly marches to his own beat. The thing is LSU and Ole Miss don't like each other and that makes it hard for me to believe he'd go out of his way to bestow an honor on a Rebel. Still, Ole Miss did beat him 31-13 last year. Then again, Florida beat him by 30.

Lane Kiffin (4:1) ----- The Half Monty has the personality to want to irk and tweak rivals every chance he gets, but I doubt he would want another "issue" hanging over his head with all this attention coming up this week. Still you can't completely write off the possibility seeing how he has infuriated multiple schools and coaches and the entire city of Pahokee before ever coaching a game for the Vols.

Bobby Petrino (2:1) ----- I'm not accusing anyone, but Petrino has to be the most likely of the suspects. He's never played against Tebow and was beaten by Snead last year. You also have to consider the fact that he's a pro-style offense guy and may not have great affection for Tebow's style of football.


It may not be one of those four, and we may never find out who did it. If you didn't vote for him and had to play against him would you admit it? Me neither, but perhaps some good detective work in Birmingham can shed more light on the subject. I bet every coach is asked that question.

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