SEC Media Days Get Underway

The annual meat market also known as the SEC Media Days gets under way this afternoon with 600-plus media types on hand to hear from all 12 SEC coaches, two players from each team and SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

The three day event could easily be a two day event, but that would get in the way of the annual golf tournament. Still it's a good opportunity to hear what the various coaches and players thing about the upcoming season and delve further into the various controversies of the off-season.

So let's take a pre-media fathering look at some of the key items.

Who's in charge of scheduling? --- The opening session Wednesday afternoon has Arkansas, Mississippi State, Kentucky and Vandy. Why on earth would you put four of the least attractive programs in the SEC in the same session? There's a very good chance these will be the worst teams in the SEC this year. You have four programs that are thrilled with 7-5 seasons. Someone has to get away from the "rotation" system and put two of the top six programs in the league in each of the three sessions. This is weak.

Who Snubbed Tebow? --- Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the three days ahead is finding out if any SEC coach will admit choosing Jevan Snead over Tim Tebow for first team All-SEC. Indications are every coach will be asked if he's "the one". My guess is no one admits it and at least two coaches refuse to answer the question.

Say what, Lane? --- Tennessee Coach Lane Kiffin is the most anticipated attendee this week, but I think he'll be a huge disappointment. "The Half Monty" as we like to call him spent his first several months opening his mouth only to exchange feet. Now as the season nears and his receiving corps disappears I expect he will be extremely careful about everything he says. Sorry, media types. Kiffin won't be very entertaining.

Will Tebow levitate? –-- We have seen just about every superlative out of the Gator senior QB, so I guess a miracle is all that's left. He, like Kiffin won't give the media much other than acknowledging his "disappointment" in the comments about his coach. Tebow has far more poise than most of the dimwits asking him questions so don't expect any big surprises here.

Time to Pound Their Chests --- Even though only Florida and LSU won BCS Titles in the last three years you can count on every SEC coach to insinuate they share in the successes of their league brothers. And you know what? They should! The competitiveness of the SEC is something the league takes great pride in and the fact that the best in the SEC can pulverize the best in the rest of the country means something. The fact that none of those teams did it with a perfect SEC record just goes to show just how tough this league is.

How to Spend the Money? --- The SEC is awash in cash despite the tough economy. The new contracts with ESPN and CBS will bring millions more to each SEC team. Some will have to give the cash to the university they serve but others will be able to hire better coaches, build better facilities and further extend the nation's best all-sports conference from the others.

There might be some surprises in Birmingham and our Heath Cline will be there to fill you in. In the meantime enjoy the reality that SEC Media Days means - the start of fall practices is just two weeks away.

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