Petrino is a Believer in Tebow

Sometimes it is quite amazing that people still question Tim Tebow. There were many that thought his game would not transfer from high school to the Southeastern Conference. There are some that think he doesn't throw the ball well enough to be listed at the top of the quarterback chain among current college quarterbacks. Don't count Arkansas Razorback head coach Bobby Petrino among the doubters.

There is at least one doubter among SEC coaches. When the pre-season coaches' All-SEC poll was released last week, one unidentified coach didn't have Tim Tebow on his first team ballot. We are talking about a Heisman Trophy winner that would have won it twice now if bowl games were counted in the equation for the award. We are talking about a quarterback that has thrown for 6,390 yards and 67 touchdowns with only 11 interceptions in his two seasons as a starter and one as a backup. Throw in the 2,037 rushing yards and 49 touchdowns on the ground and no one in the country is even close.

That Tebow had a big hand in the Gators 2006 national championship season and was the focus of the 2008 national championship season speaks for itself also. So, the question is going to be asked all week until someone confesses to the media that they left Tebow off the ballot.

When asked by the media Wednesday Bobby Petrino wouldn't give away his right to privacy, but also made it known that it was a no brainer of a response on the ballot sheet as to who should be the first team quarterback.

"I'm not crazy," Petrino said smiling. "I probably did, yeah."

Petrino is a good source of information on the subject with regards to Tebow and his ability as a quarterback at the highest levels of football. Having coached briefly in the NFL, he has seen what the best at the position week in and week out. Petrino had nothing but praise for Tebow on Wednesday.

"Well, you know, my belief in quarterbacks is when you go out and recruit 'em or you're looking for a guy that you want to lead your team, you want to find a guy that is a great leader, is a great competitor, and is a proven winner," he said "Tim has shown to do all those things."

Petrino got to see Tebow work his magic against Arkansas last year and no doubt watched plenty of film game planning for the Heisman winner.

"I think he's a tremendous football player," he continued about Tebow. "I think he can make all the throws you need to make at the next level. He can throw the post, he can throw the deep comebacks, the go routes. There's no question in my mind that he'll be very successful in the NFL."

Petrino wouldn't quantify Tebow's ability too much but believes that he has a bright future as an early pick in next year's NFL draft.

"That's always hard to know," he said when asked if Tebow was a certain top 10 pick. "I don't even know who else is out there. I'm sure he'll be picked fairly high."

The question of "who done it?" continues in these SEC media days but it is safe to say that Bobby Petrino was not the coach to slight the nation's premiere college quarterback and the player that may go down as the single most heralded college football player in history.

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