Trevard Lindley Not Looking Back

Many who follow SEC football were surprised when Gator stars Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes decided to return for their senior seasons. But perhaps every bit as surprising was the decision of Trevard Lindley to return for another season at Kentucky.

The standout corner was a likely second round pick in the NFL draft three months ago, but instead he is preparing for his senior season in Lexington hoping to be a contender in the SEC Eastern Division.

Lindley was among the players at Wednesday's first day of the SEC Media Days and he talked about his decision to stay in school and his hopes and expectations for his senior season.


On his individual approach to the opponents:

"You know it will be a top notch competitor. I simply come in and play my hardest. I watch a lot of film and approach each game one week at a time.

On his decision to not enter the draft:

"I went back and forth each day, honestly. It was a hard decision because I was projected to go high. Ultimately, my parents and coaches helped me make my decision. I decided to stay because I hurt my shoulder at the end of the season. I couldn't work it out until February. I knew if I stayed one more year I could get that much stronger.

On Kentucky football in general:

"Before my year came in, Kentucky never really went to a bowl. Now we've won three in a row. To get to that first one, things have been up hill since then. It put confidence in myself and in my team.

On competing in perhaps the toughest division in college football:

"Playing Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Vanderbilt each week leaves you with injuries, or I should say battle wounds. You get past it by knowing you are going to have a good game. No fear.

On playing against the University of Georgia as a Georgia native:

"It is always good to play in my home state. This will be my last year to play Georgia so I will be sure to call my family up and bring them a win.


While Lindley may be happy and content with his decision to play another season of college football, no one was happier about that decision than Kentucky Coach Rick Brooks. The Kentucky head man said there isn't a better corner in college football.

"Trevard Lindley, simply put, can line up against any receiver in the country one-on-one. And we would have a very optimistic feeling that he's going to cover 'em pretty darn good the whole game, not allow a lot of big plays. He not only can cover, he can make plays. He can intercept the ball. He can recover it on fumbles and run it for a touchdown, like he did at Arkansas two years ago. He's made as many big plays on the defensive side probably as any defensive player in Kentucky in the last 15 or 20 years."

Brooks also said that Lindley has made plays he won't soon forget.

"Our first win over an upper division team in our conference was three years ago against Georgia. The guy who put the exclamation on it was Trevard Lindley as a redshirt freshman, intercepting Matthew Stafford's last drive to try to pull the game out. He made an interception in the end zone against Clemson. He recovered a fumble against Clemson in the first Bowl win. The guy has just done unbelievable things. He's a true talent."


Lindley is one of only two SEC defensive backs who intercepted Tim Tebow last season. He'll be a guy for the Gators to keep an eye out for when they visit Lexington on September 26 for their fourth game of the season.

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