SEC Media Days: Day 2 Notebook

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Tim Tebow is used to perpetual media exposure thanks to his remarkable run of success over the past three years. He's on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated even though it's only July. There aren't may questions left for someone to ask him, yet Thursday in Birmingham someone found one.

Clay Travis, a blogger and writer for AOL's Fanhouse web site, decided it would be appropriate to ask Tebow if he was a virgin. Specifically, after referring to Tebow's well known religious faith Travis asked "Are you saving yourself for marriage?" To his credit, Tebow handled the unprofessional question with his usual class, answering that he is in fact doing so. It's worth noting that Travis is an avid Tennessee fan, although it's not clear if that motivated his effort to embarass Tebow.

More than 900 people have been credentialed to cover this year's event. Hopefully next year they'll reduce that number by at least one.


While Brandon Spikes was a no show at the event, he was on the mind of at least one other school's head coach. Houston Nutt of Ole Miss was asked which player not on his own team he'd most like to be able to coach. He selected the Gators middle linebacker, although he did mention Tim Tebow as well.


How huge a media star is Tebow? He's big enough that other players are trying to score interviews with him. Georgia defensive tackle Jeff Owens was recording his visit to Media Days with a web video camera. Owens is an aspiring sports media personality once his playing days are done, and was interviewing the media members who were speaking with him so that he could post the video to his Facebook page.

While talking to reporters is fun, Owens had his sights set on bigger game. He wanted an interview with Tebow, and attempted to secure one by stopping the quarterback on his way into the ESPN interview room. While Tebow did shake Owens's hand and speak to him briefly, the Bulldog defensive tackle came up short in his interview quest. When the SEC's partner in its new TV megadeal wants a player in their room, not even an All-SEC defensive tackle can stand in their way.


The relentless questioning of coaches about their All-SEC ballots continued, with no one stepping forward to say they voted for Jevan Snead over Tebow as the quarterback. Mark Richt and Nick Saban both stated they voted for Tebow, although Richt noted that the ballots are kept secret for a reason. Count on Friday's foursome to be asked the question again as well.

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