"Tebowgate" Solved

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The coach who failed to vote Tim Tebow for the All-SEC first team has now been identified. It is former Gator head coach Steve Spurrier, but there's an explanation. Spurrier told FightinGators.com this morning that he allowed a staffer to cast his vote.

The staffer was concerned Spurrier was voting for too many Gators and decided to put Snead on the list as a way to reduce the total, since it was a given that Tebow would make the first team.

Once the controversy over the vote not being unanimous boiled over this week, Spurrier went back to verify that his ballot had been cast for Tebow and found out the surprising truth. He tells FightinGators.com he will announce as he makes the rounds on media days that he has requested Charles Bloom of the SEC change his ballot to make Tebow a unanimous selection.

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