FNL Top 10 Uncommitted 2010 Prospects

Fightin' Gators was on hand for the fifth edition of Friday Night Lights. After hours of going over our notes and thoughts on what we saw, Jason Higdon and Bob Redman came up with their top players from the class of 2010 and 2011 from the event, and we would stack this group of prospects up with any other group out there. Here is a look at the 2010 group.

1. Ronald Powell - The most impressive player at the event was no doubt Ronald Powell. The California defensive end/tight end spent the night playing tight end because he didn't have pads. Powell is a dominant tight end with speed often overpowering defenders when the ball is in the air. He will be a crazy mismatch for anyone on offense, but we also saw him at camp as a defensive end in June and know that he is the best at that position as well.

2. Chris Dunkley – Dunkley quite frankly beat everyone he went against and only on poorly thrown balls did the ball wind up not in his hands. He has a bounce to his game and just explodes on every single step he makes. He makes every catch there is and made the very best cornerbacks look silly at times. Dunkley's performance is the best we have seen on the camp circuit this summer.

3. Ivan McCartney – McCartney didn't have the best night catching the ball, but when you watch him play, he is electric and oh so smooth. Blessed with good height and great hands, McCartney is a big time wide receiver in his own right.

4. Lamarcus Joyner – Joyner isn't the tallest guy on the field, but he is a flat out brute. Joyner is so physical that as well as he plays in an environment without pads, you know when the pads on, it is going to be played at a whole new level. Joyner looked like he really enjoyed himself and often did standing front flips to celebrate a nice play. He is a great athlete that can fly and has long arms and in our opinion very deserved of his lofty rankings.

5. Jeff Luc – Much like Joyner, Luc is one that will be better in pads, but his physical presence was felt early and often on Friday. Luc is a guy that you have to see to believe how well put together he is. He isn't going to turn the fastest of the linebackers, but when he has a beat on something it is over and the ball carrier is down.

6. Chaz Green – Is a flat out beast and when he gets the paws on the defender it is over. Green just flat out dominates folks and is pretty technically sound with his hands needing to work a little on his footwork. He could easily be in the top three on this list, but a top six is outstanding for a guy playing on the offensive line, a position that rarely gets love anyway.

7. Sharrif Floyd – Floyd is a dominant run stuffer and has great size. The staff was all over him all night and that says a lot about his talent in our opinion. Look for Floyd's interest in Florida to pick up immensely following this camp. The Gator staff could use a big run stuffing and play making defensive tackle in the middle.

8. Dominique Easley – Easley came to camp to make a statement and he did just that. A quicker defensive tackle, Easley is another playmaker on the inside and has a very quick first step and some power to back his motion up.

9. Marcus Shaw – With Mack Brown in the fold, it isn't likely that Marcus Shaw will be a Gator, but he is an exceptional athlete and made several big plays Friday night as a running back. He has size, speed, and the ability to make people miss. One of his best attributes is catching the ball and getting up field quickly. An all around back, Shaw is going to make some school extremely happy when he suits up.

10. Neiron Ball – The defensive end from Jackson (GA) is a blur off the edge and with another 15 pounds and more strength, he would have moved up this list. Still, there is no denying his talent and he has room to grow after losing weight while recovering from an injury. Ball got a lot of love from the staff, but the number of linemen taken in this class seems to be dwindling and we should know soon if he will be included in the overall plan. He mentioned the will to commit this weekend, so we will have to see where that goes.

With more than 60 prospects in attendance from the 2011 class, the Gators had a bevy of big time future superstars on hand. In our next submission we will look at the top 10 players from the 2011 class.

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