Thank God It's August

When I did a daily show for some 13 years I used to refer to the period between the College World Series and the start of fall practice as "my summer of discontent". In a college sports town with limited interest in Major League Baseball and NASCAR, the summers are more than a little slow and July is the worst of all.

We just ended the worst sports month of the year. The All-Star Game is a shell of what is used to be. The Tour de France is a semi-event that ends with the top riders holding hands and/or drinking champagne on their way to the finish line. There are a lot of baseball games, but none are really important. Add in a few races and the Running of the Bulls and that's it!

As a result the most common topics on the air for the past four weeks have been things that would hardly generate a shrug when things are really happening.

Lane Kiffin's Mouth ----- The Half Monty got a lot of attention for himself by impugning the reputation of Urban Meyer, questioning the character of everyone at Pahokee High School and demeaning everyone else in that community. He took shots at Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier, too. But instead of being ignored for an under qualified buffoon living of his daddy's reputation he became a national story. He apologized for offending anyone and then proceeded to pat himself on the back for getting attention for the fading Vols program. He better win a lot and in a hurry.

Steve Spurrier's Ballot ----- The only reason we pay attention to pre-season All-SEC teams is that they break the summer doldrums. This year we (the media) got a gift when some dolt left Tim Tebow off his pre-season first team. It got even more interesting as coach after coach claimed it wasn't him only to find out Florida's first Heisman Trophy winner is the one who snubbed the third one.

Coaches Voting ----- The Coaches Association announced it would no longer allow its final votes in the college football poll to be made public. That idiotic decision was quickly rescinded after a public outcry about the inevitable shenanigans that would follow once the coaches were guaranteed anonymity. Add to that Spurrier and Georgia's Mark Richt admitting they don't fill in their All-SEC ballots maybe we can edge closer to getting coaches out of this activity altogether.

But that's all behind us now. Soon players will hit the field and we'll be able to play interviews and have a real countdown to opening day. August is not a great sports month, but it's a helluva lot better than the one we just finished.

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