Marsh Busy Learning the Little Things

A year ago, he finally quit fighting it and realized it was meant to be that he was an interior lineman. Lawrence Marsh enters his junior season as a defensive tackle for the Florida Gators after a promising sophomore campaign. He wasn't a big play maker in his first year at the position, but was solid none the less. It is time for Marsh to take it to another level.

When you look at Lawrence Marsh, you see an absolutely intimidating 6-5, 298 pound defensive lineman that is capable of riping your head from your shoulders. A year ago, he looked similar, but marsh was in such a learning mode, he had to think about what he was doing more than just make a play on a ball carrier.

The word is out and if you are going to carry the ball in the SEC, you better where your full body brace or Marsh might tear you from limb to limb. If he has it his way, his teammates will be right there with him.

After really playing the run well and stuffing his gap in the national championship season, marsh is looking to creating plays for himself and his teammates. Not only that, he wants to make sure anyone that steps in for him is ready to do the same.

"I just need to cause havoc up the middle which is what I plan to do,"Marsh told the media on Friday. "I want to help my teammates out and help some of the younger guys get work before and after practice. I need to get with Coach McCarney to learn from him."

Quarterbacks are probably the ones that are going to see a difference in Marsh. He plans on making life difficult for signal callers.

"I focus in on the little things more and work on my pass rush," he said. "I am a ball hawk and just listen to my coaches. A year ago I was real hungry and anxious to learn and now I am just learning more.

The first couple of days of camp have actually been a little adjustment for Marsh. Just running around with his helmet on is so different than the training he gets during the summer. He can feel himself getting stronger every day.

"We can improve by getting in better shape and better technique and going harder," Marsh said. "Right now I am in beginning in camp shape. We did a lot of conditioning in the offseason. But, we didn't practice then in our pads. Now, we get in better shape with our equipment on."

Defensive line coach Dan McCarney liked what he got out of Marsh last year, but he believes it is time for Marsh to prove a little more.

"Lawrence Marsh is one of the most improved guys on our team last year, but he wasn't on any All-SEC teams," McCarney said. "He has a lot of room to improve and he knows it. He was clearly one of the success stories in 2008 and hopefully he can do it again and take it to the next level."

McCarney knows what Marsh is capable of in the run game, now he wants to see him step up his game and make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks.

"He's a good solid player, really good against the run, average pass rusher...(now it's time to) take it to the next level," McCarney said. "I'm hoping he and (Terron) Sanders will do that because we couldn't have won the national championship without the performance and improvement of those two kids."

Look for Lawrence Marsh to be one of the more improved players on the squad in 2009. he fought moving from end to tackle and when he finally did it came natural to him. Now he is in his second year of playing on the inside and so his level of experience should help him dramatically.

It's just another step in making this defense even better than it was in 2008.

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