Bedford Likes Competition at Corner

Florida cornerbacks coach Vance Bedford has just about as much proven talent and depth as the Gators have at safety. And he loves it. Bedford says the competition for playing time is intense as seniors Markihe Anderson and Wondy Pierre-Louis try to reclaim starting jobs from Joe Haden and Janoris Jenkins.

Meanwhile Adrian Bushell is getting better and Jeremy Brown continues to make progress from a disc problem in his back and is on schedule to resume football related activities next week. Although, he did not take part in today's scrimmage.

The Florida secondary made tremendous improvement last season and was a big part of setting a new school record with 26 interceptions. Despite that, Bedford insists there is plenty of room for improvement. Bedford talks about all of the above and more.


On importance of getting Jeremy Brown into the mix:

"I think it's very important. He's been rarin' to go. From the first time he got here two springs ago he was the best of the two corners out of him and Janoris Jenkins. And of course he injured that back and it's been a battle for him ever since. He's really pressed himself to get back and hopefully we'll have him out there this coming week."

On what Brown offers at the position:

"I think he has a lot of upside athletically. (He has) pretty good awareness and learns extremely well. I'm just looking forward to him getting back out there feeling good about himself and pushing other guys."

On Janoris Jenkins' progress in year two:

"So far so good. We're moving him around. We have him at different positions right now and he's picking things up. He's in the right frame of mind. He's well focused. He is hungry to get better and he works hard."

On Anderson and Pierre-Louis pressuring the starters:

"I'll tell you Markihe thus far has had an outstanding camp. He comes up with a big play I think every single practice. Wondy has shown drastic improvement. I think competition makes you better. That's one reason why you win. Those guys come and bring their "a" game every day to practice. Markihe is a senior. This is his last go around at the University of Florida. This is Wondy's last go around, so both of those guys are making a push and saying, 'Coach, I want to be on the field.'"

On what it means for seniors to press younger players:

"Last year Markihe said, 'Coach I know that Janoris and Joe are our two best guys but you know what coach? I'm going to press them, because I want to play.' That's the attitude you must have around here, because if you don't those guys are going to quit. One of the reasons we win is because those guys won't quit. They keep pressing on. They tell me, 'Coach I want to get on the field with the special teams or the nickel position. Whatever it takes I plan to be on the football field.'"

On plans for freshman Josh Evans:

"At the present time he's working at corner for us. We're trying to see if he can play that position. I think athletically he can do those types of things so we're going to give him a shot there first."

On how good this unit can be:

"That's hard to say. There's one thing that I've told the guys. If each one of you gets a little bit better you'll be amazed how much better we'll play than we did a year ago. That's our plan right now, get each guy to be better and see what happens."

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