Wuerffel Discusses Ministry, Tebow Part 2

Yesterday, we updated you on the work of Danny Wuerffel through his Desire Street Ministries and shared with you his thoughts on Tim Tebow as a person and football player.

Today we bring you the rest of the conversation we had on my Gainesville radio show talking about his thoughts on Tim as a professional prospect and some thoughts about Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. He also talks about his own future and whether or not coaching could be a part of it.


LV: Danny a lot of people have questioned whether Tim can play quarterback at the next level. Do you have any such questions?

DW: "I really don't. Like I said (in yesterday's piece) I think he's a better passer than people think. I think he has to get used taking snaps under center and making drops; that's all true. But to me when you look at the NFL there are very few quarterbacks that can go anywhere and step in and be effective. I think of guys like Dan Marino, John Elway, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre as guys who can step in anywhere. And I guess in some cases no matter who old they are they can step in. But for the next echelon of the most successful NFL quarterbacks I think you have to be in the right place at the right time, in the right system with the right coach. I really believe if Tim finds himself in the right situation he can be very successful at the next level."

LV: What's your relationship with Urban Meyer?

DW: "I think Coach Meyer has done a phenomenal job. Much more than you would expect of a new coach, he has reached out to the past to former players and the tradition and embraced Coach Spurrier. I for one really appreciate that. You feel welcomed when you come back as part of the team, part of the history. I remember being on the field before a game and Lawrence Wright is running up and down the field waving a towel and screaming and hollering. I asked Coach Meyer if that gets in the way and he said, "No, I love it! I love it!" It's really cool the way that he's done that."

LV: How would you compare him with Coach Spurrier?

DW: "Well the main thing is that they're both winners. They will find a way to win in their own unique style and it's fun to watch them both have success."

LV: You and I have spoken many times over the years about coaching and why you never saw it in your future. Is that permanent? Do you ever envision a scenario in which you got back involved in football either as a coach or in some other capacity?

DW: "If I had five lives to live I would definitely like to invest one of them in coaching and give it a shot and see how it goes. But you have one life to live and as a Christian I believe you have one life to give and so you have to invest it carefully. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. One thing I learned from Coach Spurrier is to never say never. Always keep your mind and your heart open to what can happen and what the Lord might do. I wouldn't bet on it. I wouldn't see that being a big part of my life. I really feel called and passionate about what I'm doing, but you never know."


To keep up with Danny and his Desire Street Ministries you can visit them on line at desirestreet.org. You can get information from the site, sign up for newsletters and emails and learn about ways you can support his efforts.

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