Marsh Knows Heat is Advantage

Sometimes on the Florida practice field, it is so hot it is inhumanely tough to push through. Yet the Gators understand that the heat is one of the advantages they have over the opposition. Count defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh as one of those players. Marsh came into camp in great shape, but he knows that fighting through the 100-degree temperatures is going to make him even better.

Tuesday was an especially hot day and Lawrence Marsh and company pushed through it because they know it will only make them better in the end. Florida has a distinct advantage over almost every team they face in that the heat in practice can really prepare them for tough nights down the line.

"The weather was playing with us a little bit," Marsh said on Tuesday. "We came out and the clouds were all over and we thought we were going to have a great (cool) day. Then the sun peaked it's head out and it got as hot as it has ever been at camp for about 20 minutes, then the sun went back in and we had a great day."

"We know that it is going to make us better. We know that opponents are going to be at a disadvantage when they come to The Swamp on hot days because we deal with it all the time."

At 300 pounds Marsh has a big body to push through the big time heat. He has learned to get used to it and understands the seriousness of keeping his body in great shape.

"I just tell myself to keep going," he said. "I have goals I am working on this season I want to keep working hard to accomplish those goals. I hydrate myself and keep drinking water and catch breaks when I can and get on my knee."

Of course Marsh and company are pushed hard by Coach Dan McCarney who coaches the defensive line. McCarney also understands that driving the guys now will benefit them when the opposition takes the field.

"He's very tough," Marsh said of his coach. "He loves for us to go hard and when we make a mistake, he gets right on us. He is the first one on the scene. We wonder how he can watch all of us at the same time but he does. It makes you mad and when you are mad you tend to come off a little harder. You might make another mistake but you are going to go hard. You might go in the wrong gap and make the tackle and then everyone is a hero. As long as you go hard, we can correct mistakes. He brings the real man out of you.

Marsh plays on the nose for the Gators and established himself as a solid player last season and is well on his way to getting better this year. But, he knows that if he messes up, there is a freshman nose tackle that is ready and chomping at the bit to get on the field. Omar Hunter has played well this fall and Marsh is excited to mentor the younger lineman.

"At Florida we have a lot of depth, so if you aren't getting the job done, someone else will," Marsh said. "Omar is doing well. He's a young guy from Georgia and I'm from Georgia so I like those Georgia guys. He plays everything good and is doing real good on his assignments. He's running hard to the ball and everything. Hopefully he will have a good season."

The battle to get on the field is taking place right next to marsh. Terron Sanders and Jaye Howard are fighting to start at the other defensive tackle spot and Marsh knows that Howard has been putting some extra time in to get better.

"He is just going really hard right now," Marsh said of Howard. "They are battling it out right now and both are good players trying to become great players. We'll have to see what happens."

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