Gators Break Camp

The first phase of the Gator Football team's pre-season preparation came to a close Saturday with a two hour scrimmage marking the end of camp. The Gators appear to have had a successful camp in that they accomplished there major goals.

The two week camp was physically and mentally challenging, it established serious competition at a number of positions and wrapped up without any major injuries to key players.

Florida now gets set for Monday's first day of classes and a full week of after school workouts before beginning game preparations on August 31st leading up to the season opener with Charleston Southern.

Coach Urban Meyer says he's pleased with the camp and ready to move into a more normal routine of working with his team each day after classes. After Saturday's scrimmage he discussed a number of things about the 2009 Gators, being a near unanimous number one in the A.P. poll and the fact that there was a chance the Gators' first opponent could have been Utah.


On how he feels after getting the most No. 1 votes ever:

"Humbled. It's a credit to recruiting. You know what they say, that's good players in the program. Everything else is overrated and means nothing. It won't be discussed and you know I'm going to say that. I don't want to act like we don't appreciate it, we do."

On the state of the Gators after two-a-days:

"We're good. We're a pretty healthy team coming out of camp. We're now officially off the intramural practice fields and I know the players are more excited than I am and I'm really excited to get out to our real practice fields and get to work. That starts Monday at 2:10."

On his goals heading into this year's camp:

"I wanted to make it a hard camp and make sure we build some chemistry on our team and we've done that. I would never say we accomplished everything. We'll see, but that's to be determined."

On limiting "full speed" work for Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham and some others:

"It's been the same for 80, 90 years. It's the same as spring practice. When you get to the end of spring practice four and five year guys – you put ‘em on the shelf. I think I did that with Brandon James today, too. I've seen (him) enough. I want to see some other guys play.

On Johnny Brantley taking advantage of the extra work:

"Johnny has taken a lot of snaps the last few days and he's really making a lot of progress. He's close to being a quarterback and I like his attitude.

On wanting to find a "power" running back to take some off Tim:

"There's no question (he wants to). Moody ran really hard today, by the way. He had a good scrimmage and it was good to see him back. We're not blessed with the big 225-pound back. What we're blessed with (is speed). If you had to choose I kind of like the fast, but we'd like to have a big back too."

On the possibility Utah might have been on the schedule:

"They talked about it even this year, but something happened. I gave my opinion and said, sure let's do it. I was not knee deep in it. Kyle (Utah Coach Willingham) is one of my closest friends and it was really exciting but somehow they just couldn't get everything worked out. I think we have Bowling Green on the schedule in a couple of years."

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