"I Know Two Visits That I'll Be Taking..."

Demarco Cobbs, the nations # 7 WR prospect, is in the infancy stage of setting up his official visits. And though he does not have any dates finalized, he has in his mind two schools that he will definitely visit.

Demarco Cobbs of Central High School in Tulsa, OK has a double digit offer count. He has narrowed his list of schools to six favorites; Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and LSU. Of those six, he is only certain that he will visit two.

"I think I want to take all five of my visits. But, if I don't, I know that I will definitely be visiting Tennessee and LSU," said Demarco Cobbs.

"I haven't scheduled them yet. I'm going to try to get those done over the next 2 weeks."

Why whose two schools?

Cobbs replied, "they were my best two visits. I went to LSU during my spring break and it was pretty cool. They have a really nice campus and I felt welcomed. I felt like I could be a part of their team. And my Tennessee visit was pretty cool too. I got to see everything and I hung out with some of the players. They made me feel wanted. The players were real cool. I think Tennessee and LSU were definitely my best visits as far as my unofficials are concerned. I also watched both teams practice and that was cool. I got to see how they got after it and their coaching styles. That is going to make a huge difference to me because I have to be coached by them for four years. They are going to be a big part of my development as a player and as a man. So it was cool watching them practice because they both got after it. They basically have great coaching staffs. So that's really why I want to go back to Tennessee and LSU."

Being that Cobbs has already seen both campuses, is there anything over the course of the season that will be able to set these schools apart from the pack? Is there one thing that he will be watching for?

"I want to see LSU play Auburn and Tennessee play Florida. Basically, if Tennessee were to lose to Florida after all the talk and the hype, I want to see how they will overcome the adversity. Or if they win, how will they come out and play the next week? Will they have a let down? That will show me the type of team they are. That will tell me if I want to play for a team like that. If they lose and overcome the adversity or if they win and they come out the next week and play hard, I will want to play for a team like that. It is all about competing and having a burning desire to win.

"When I watch LSU, I want to see if I fit in their offense and how I will be used. Also, I want to be on a winning team and be able to compete for a SEC and National Championship and I think LSU has a chance or a shot to do that every year. That is a big goal of mine and I think that if you are playing college football, it should be everyones goal."

When will Cobbs end the process?

"I have my days when I feel like I want to commit to a school just to get the process over with. And then I have my days when I want to just wait until national signing day. So I really don't know. I guess when it feels right."

On the days that Cobbs thinks that he wants to end the process, is there one school that he leans towards committing to?

"No," said Cobbs. "There is not one particular school. It is really just about me wanting to get the recruiting process over with. I try to use good judgement and I know that I am not ready to commit. That is why I haven't done it yet. I want to see how the schools do during the season and the direction of the programs so that is why I'm waiting a little bit longer."

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