Lamarcus Joyner Down to Three

The nation's No. 2 ranked corner has a final three. Lamarcus Joyner has been down to Florida State, Ohio State and Florida for some time. Who has the inside track on the St. Thomas Aquinas superstar?

State: Florida

City: Fort Lauderdale

High School: St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Position: Cornerback

National Rank: No. 22

Position Rank: 5*/No. 2

Height: 5-8.5

Weight: 165

40-Time: 4.40

Contenders: Florida State, Ohio State and Florida

Lamarcus Joyner while small in stature plays big on the field. At only 5-8.5 he has very long arms and is physical for the entire game. Joyner is cat like quick and plays with great anticipation. Some feel his position at the next level is safety, I see him as a shut down corner all the way.

My Take: It has become a three team race for Joyner. Some people feel it has only ever been a one team race with Joyner himself calling Florida State his dream school. In this day and age of recruiting it's not all about winning. At times there are certain kids that have a school picked out regardless of his chance to win at that university. Florida State in my estimation will end up with a top five recruiting class for 2010. They look great for Joyner, Christian Jones and have a great shot with Jeff Luc and Christian Green. Winning is not a factor in the decision of these potential prospects. The point is it's never as clear cut as saying one team is on top the other on the bottom. Family ties and childhood favorites can take you very far in the recruiting world.

I do believe the staff in particular coach Vance Bedford made a huge impression on Joyner but at the end of the day he has people in his corner pushing him to Florida State and they are the team to beat at this time. Can Florida turn Joyner away from the Seminoles, sure they can but will they is a different story.

Scout.Com Biography: Lamarcus Joyner finished his junior season with 112 tackles, four sacks and one interception. Offensively, he also had 17 receptions for 482 yards and seven touchdowns. On special teams he scored five touchdowns on kick returns and had one punt returned for a score. Joyner says he can bench 275-pounds three times, squat 415 and has a 38.5-inch vertical jump. He transferred to St. Thomas Aquinas for his senior season.

Joyner plans on majoring in journalism and reports a 2.5 core GPA and took the ACT on April 4.

Joyner: "I would say I can hit. I'm a hawk after the ball and am really aggressive.

"I'm still working on my technique though. I want to learn more coverage's and be better at pass coverage. I also want to be able to read the quarterback better."

He also runs track and has an offer from Lehigh. His personal bests are a 10.7 100m, 21.6 200m, 22-4 long jump and 6-6 high jump. Joyner doesn't plan on pursuing track in college.

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