Meyer: Debose Likely Out For a While

If there was one prospect in the 2009 recruiting class that was going to be counted on to come in and perform for the Gators this season it was receiver Andre Debose. Saturday, Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer revealed that there may be more damage to his hamstring than first thought and Debose may require surgery to repair it. He talked about that and more with the media.

Andre Debose came in with all the high school accolades and promise to be a star at the next level. They have seen spurts from him already to know that he has the ability, but the coaching staff at Florida and Debose had a set back on Friday. Doctors confirmed that there was a little more damage than they thought to his hamstring and are now going to have to take some time to get it fixed.

"Debose has some damage to his hamstring and something that doesn't happen very often," Meyer told the media on Saturday. "It's a tendon that we will have to evaluate the significance of. It's a real injury. We were thinking it was a hamstring pull or a strain. You have two tendons and I might say something wrong, but there is a possible torn tendon. They are doing more research on it.

The injury to Debose is something that has slowed the progress for his team at practice every day and that has him not exactly happy at where his team is at as the start of the first game week approaches.

"No...It's not anyone's fault, it's just expectation level I have of this team, Meyer said when asked if he was satisfied at where his team was at right now. "I am not being overly critical its just that our punt team is not very good right now. Usually, by this time of the year it is supposed to be the best team in America."

The punt team has some losses, but it is injuries to key players that has the head coach not happy with the progress.

"We have had some personnel issues," he said. You take a guy like Javier (Estopinan) out...people on the outside didn't realize his value to the team...and he's not out there right now. Brandon Hicks isn't out there and from day one he has been my guy in that phase. We make comments about teams that struggle that don't have depth and then all of a sudden Brandon Hicks isn't in there and the guy behind him doesn't perform at the same level.

"I am just using the punt team as an example. The good thing is we get a lot of guys back on Monday and we simplify and it isn't the whole mass on offense and defense. I am really looking forward to that."

Meyer went into the details of just who is not out there practicing.

"Hicks did not practice but is jogging, he will be back Monday or Tuesday," Meyer said. "Marsh has a sprained ankle as well and will be back Monday or Tuesday. Jelani Jenkins is a little bit behind that. (Lerentee McCray) has a little broken bone (in his hand). He has a big club on it, but he goes as hard as he can."

Senior receiver Carl Moore and freshman cornerback Jeremy Brown are also still out because of back issues and Meyer thinks he will get both back before too long.

"I think he heart bleeds for guys like that because they train and they work," Meyer said hoping that Moore will be back before too long. "The same with Jeremy Brown."

Meyer likes the make up of his top three tailbacks and junior running back Emmanuel Moody has been practicing well of late.

"Moody is practicing pretty good and is going," Meyer said. "Rainey did not go full speed today, he has a sore shoulder but is fine. Demps is ahead because he goes every day and he is very talented."


Dustin Doe has practiced the last two days and Meyer said there will be announcement soon about his status. Doe has been suspended from the team for off the field issues.

"Dustin Doe practiced and his status I will announce sometime next week," Meyer said. "Yesterday was his first day back."


The freshman that everyone has been waiting on to lose his stripe finally did so in the last two days. He can now officially call himself a a Gator in the mind of the head coach.

"Bostic was a long time coming and some of the players brought that up to me," Meyer said.

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