Interesting Comments on the Sports Reporters

I try to watch The Sports Reporters on ESPN each Sunday morning, even though the hosts and guests generally are quite lacking in terms of college football knowledge.

Thus I was pleasantly surprised to hear a rather intelligent collection of comments from them this morning. Today's (Aug 30) panel was comprised of Host John Saunders with Mike Lupica, Bob Ryan and Mitch Albom. They spoke about the start of the college football season, the Gators and whether either Tim Tebow or Sam Bradford will win a second Heisman Trophy.


Lupica "You know the high regard I have for Heisman voters, because they hardly ever get it wrong. I don't care who wins the Heisman Trophy; Tim Tebow is one of the greatest players in the history of college football. With all due respect to Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy there have been a lot of Sam Bradfords and Colt McCoys. There has never been in my experience since I cared about sports like Tebow. Having said that I think they can win again. I think Florida has the best football coach either pro or college working today in Urban Meyer. If they win three in four years they take their place with the greatest teams ever."

Albom: "It doesn't hurt to keep your quarterback in play for all those years. How many college coaches can say that? A guy with Tebow's stats and significance is usually gone before his senior year. He's off to the NFL, and you're starting all over again with a freshman quarterback. I think the other thing that Tebow has going for him is he doesn't have to face the other two while they have to face each other in October. A lot of people talk about Florida going undefeated. I look at the pre-season polls and I think there are ten teams that are going to go undefeated. How is that possible?"

Ryan: "The interesting thing about this Heisman thing is that I think the average fan thinks that Tebow won (last year). Tebow is the marquee name in college football."

Lupica: "Tebow is the best player whether he won last year or not."

Saunders: "He plays in the SEC and that one loss, a one point loss was to Ole Miss last year. Any given weekend in the SEC…."

Ryan: "No question I think four of the top 13 (teams) pre-season ranked are in the SEC and you look at the schedule and say that game, that game, that game."

Albom: "That's right. You should get points for surviving."

Ryan: "And yet the people who vote these things have put them as one of the most prohibitive favorites in history."

Saunders: "As a matter of fact Texas was the only other team to get any first place votes (2) as the number one team in the country."


The poll references are obviously about the Associated Press poll.

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