Kenny Carter has the Numbers

Even with the loss of Percy Harvin to the NFL, Gator Running Backs Coach Kenny Carter says he feels great about the talent and depth at the position heading into the first game of the season.

Carter says he is confident in the abilities of Jeff Demps (605, 7 TD), Chris Rainey (652, 4 TD), Emmanuel Moody (417, 1 TD) and freshman Mike Gillislee to get the job done and keep Florida's running attack potent.

Many would be surprised to realize that Florida ran for more than 3,000 yards last season (3,236) despite not having a single ball carrier net even 700 yards individually. The Gators lose Harvin's productivity (660, 10 TD) but are confident the others can pick up the slack.

Carter talked about the unit recently:

On the depth at the position:

"It looks as good as it's been since I've been here, of course that's only one more year. We're excited about all of our guys. They've done a really good job of getting comfortable with what we're doing and adding some things in the passing game."

On oft-injured Emmanuel Moody:

"Moody is as healthy as Moody can be. Every time he goes he goes really hard and he's been very efficient so I've been real proud of his production."

Does he hold his breath every time Moody goes out there?

"Absolutely not, because it's all about the room and when one guys goes down somebody else has to step up."

What the unit has to do:

"I think they all have something to prove. We were productive and had two guys (Demps and Rainey) that were freshman All-SEC last year and that was pretty good. But we want even more production from them on a consistent basis so I would say they have a lot to prove."

Has anyone stood out in pass protection?

"They all have. We focused on that in the spring by doing a pass rush drill where they have to work against the linebackers that really facilitated an opportunity for them to do nothing but get better. If you want to play every down you have to be able to do that and that's why we're forcing that issue. They've got no choice."

On progress of Demps and Rainey:

"By the time we got to game five, there's a reason why (Demps) was a starter. He totally understood what was going on. Rainey has really bought in to being a complete player and having to pass protect and do all those things. I would say that's the thing he has accelerated the most to make him better."

On the progress of the freshman, Gillislee:

"He's done a really solid job. He's young and he's making some mistakes mentally, but physically he goes really hard. He's just a guy that we felt like (he) was going to be a solid player for us down the line."


The one thing Urban Meyer has not had in his eight seasons as a head coach is a 1,000 yard rusher. Florida's top three backs all have the talent to be the first do to it, but Florida's depth may been that from happening just as it did a year ago when four different runners (including Tim Tebow) gained between 600 and 700 yards.

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