September Six Pack

For a new feature here we'll take a look at six key questions for the coming ahead in college football and other sports with responses coming from your intrepid team of Vettel, Cline and Redman. We hope you enjoy it and will point out their mistakes along the way.

1. Oregon faces both Utah and Boise State this month. Will the Ducks knock off the BCS interlopers or will the Utes and Broncos take big steps towards challenge for an elite bowl bid?

Cline: Hard to know what to expect for sure from the Ducks with a new head coach. They should handle Utah, but Boise probably wins at home.

Vettel: As someone who wants anything that makes the BCS look ridiculous to occur I have to go with both the Broncos and the Utes.

Redman: I think it is as simple as winning at home and losing on the road for these teams that are all similarly ranked. So, Oregon loses to Boise State on the road and beats Utah at home two weeks later.

2. What game this month would you most want to attend if you could?

Cline: Southern Cal at Ohio State - Pete Carroll hasn't lost a regular season non Pac-10 game since 2002, and the Buckeyes are dying for a win to assert their conference's continued relevance. This is must see stuff.

Vettel: Nevada at Notre Dame. I've never seen a game in South Bend and this could be the shocker of the fall. Gator fans should be rooting for Charlie Weis in this one for all the obvious reasons.

Redman: I would like to visit the Florida State-Miami game so I can get one in before one of the programs becomes extinct.

3. Miami might have the toughest four game month of any team in the country. How will the Hurricanes do?

Cline: 1-3, but it will help them more than you'll ever know.

Vettel: 0-4 and it will hurt them more than you'll ever know.

Redman: I can only see Miami possibly beating FSU and that is because I think FSU will be down having lost a ton on defense from last season. However, I predict that doesn't even happen and the Canes go 0-4 in the first four games.

4. What special maneuver(s) will/should Urban Meyer have in mind for Lane Kiffin?

Cline: There's no benefit to giving Kiffin any media attention from something special. Beat his team as soundly as is possible without overtly running up the score, and then downplay any extra significance to a win over a team UF always beats as long as someone competent is coaching the Gators.

Vettel: Maybe a late game punt on third down?

Redman: I want to see Meyer go direct the Gator Band ala Peyton Manning for his SEC title, after the win in The Swamp. Then, point to the recruited prospects on the sideline and say "keep dreaming".

5. What is the biggest reason the FSU/Miami game isn't a sell out?

Cline: Every time these teams have played this early game, the football's been atrocious. With every reason to expect a bad game, who wants to deal with being in Tallahassee late into the evening of a Monday night with work the next day?

Vettel: If these teams were in the top 10 like they used to be the timing of the game and caliber of play wouldn't matter. It's the mediocrity of the teams more than anything else.

Redman: Bandwagon fans. Honestly, I don't know if Miami even has enough bandwagon fans.

6. What will be the biggest upset involving an SEC team in September?

Cline: Louisiana Tech is a very dangerous opener for the Gene Chizik era in Auburn despite being a two touchdown underdog. For an eyebrow raiser in conference, keep an eye on Arkansas against Georgia.

Vettel: The Head Ball Coach will be stunned when his Gamecocks are beaten by Florida Atlantic.

Redman: Arkansas at home over Georgia on September 19th. I like Coach Bobby Petrino growing a lot in his second year and he ahs a real quarterback now in Ryan Mallett.

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