Meyer Pleased With Up-Tempo Results

Florida Football Coach Urban Meyer said the up-tempo portion of the game plan against Charleston Southern was the Gators' most efficient part of the game offensively. Meyer said the up tempo package makes things difficult for opposing defenses --- as long as his players are committed to it.

Meyer also used his weekly media conference on Monday to address a number of other topics including the misconception that the Gators talked with Oklahoma Sooners about installing a version of the no-huddle offense here. He pointed out the fact that coaches getting together in the off-season to compare notes and share information is now a thing of the past.


On the effectiveness of Florida's no-huddle offense:

"The up-tempo and two minute drill is when we were at our best last week. I think we're going to go more and more to that. I think Tim is good at it. We're just in the beginning phases because we were in just one set. Our offensive line handles it well because they realize we're at an advantage. Those two (long) runs were perfect examples because they were out the shoot like that because there were either alignment issues on defense or fatigue issues. With our conditioning and the way Coach Mick gets our guys in shape that should be a strength."

On the key to making up-tempo work:

"As with anything you do in football it's personnel based. (You need) a quarterback who has the energy. You've got to be the guy now and (with) Tim obviously there's no lack of energy. He did it in high school and he's done it very well for us. In the third quarter when we needed a pick up against Oklahoma he did it. (Another key is) having linemen who 'drink the Kool-Aid.' That's for 300-pound plus people to go and sprint 15 yards and get lined up and get a hand on the ground and come firing off the ball. Skilled athletes and quarterbacks it's not real hard. It's more mental."

On the play of Riley Cooper:

"When you say he played well, it's not just that game. He has not missed a practice and that's a first for "Coop". He deals with a painful issue with his feet that's well documented. I thought he played very well. Riley's going through a phase of his life right now where he realizes this is last call. He's got eleven shots left and he's playing like that and practicing like that."

On schools not sharing information any more:

"When we first started at Bowling Green we would share and discuss (but) it's now at the point where we kind of lock the doors. There's not a lot of group hugs and conversations. People don't want to share with us, and we're not real excited about sharing any more. Oklahoma has a little niche right now (with their no huddle) and they're not excited about giving it to Florida and we're not asking."

On how they get outside ideas about tweaking the offense"

"Let's utilize our own staff. That's one of the most under-utilized assets of a football program. Everyone wants to go study here. Well we go study from Chuck Heater and find out what causes him problems. The last two or three years I think we've done that better than any place I've ever been; that's utilize our own resources."


Meyer indicated Jermaine Cunningham will play this week if he has a good week of practice. He said Lawrence Marsh and Jelani Jenkins would probably play as would Carl Johnson and Brandon Hicks. He did say Brendan Beal would not be ready (neck).

He also said the Gators were "painfully vanilla" on offense and defense opening day, playing strictly four down fronts and only callings three or four defenses the entire game. He said the only exception to that was the up-tempo package.

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