Football Diary with Trey Burton - 09/10/09

Last season was fortunate enough to bring you an inside look into the life on and off the field of quarterback Trey Burton. Thanks to Trey and his mother, Cindy Burton-MacFarlane they will once again give us all a look at what it's like to walk in their shoes.

Trey Burton profile

"We had a bye week this Friday so Trey, Jake and I drove up to Gainesville for the Florida vs. Charleston Southern game. We picked up Jonathan Dowling since he lives in Bradenton and it's on the way for us. Jonathan is a funny guy, and he and Trey get along really well. Venice plays Jonathan's high school Southeast on October 2.

"At the Gator game we visited with Ian Silberman, Leon Orr and Mike McFarland, who I always joke with. Because my last name is Burton-MacFarlane, Mike and I always talk about future Gator touchdown passes from Trey to Mike, with the announcer saying Burton to McFarland for a touchdown. What a great kid he is. It is always a pleasure visiting The Swamp with 90,000 other fans, and Coach Meyer and Coach Loeffler are amazing. I know they are eagerly tracking Trey's progress this year, and he wants so much to please them and improve as a football player.

"Clay took a visit to Raymond James Stadium for the USF vs. Wofford game. Trey will attend the Florida v.s Troy game this weekend, and we will all be in The Swamp for the Tennessee game the following week. Can't wait to see what the Gators do to those lame volunteers.

"Venice is preparing for Braden River this Friday. I know Trey is very anxious about getting our regular season started. Being on ESPN was such an honor and we are very grateful for the opportunity, but traveling 1,600 miles out of state was a huge distraction for our team, especially arriving after 12:00 a.m. on gameday and it does not affect our goals of winning a district championship for the third straight year and then continuing on to a chance to compete for the State Championship in 5A, which is an extremely difficult division.

"At the linebacker dinner this week, Coach Peacock talked about some personnel changes on the offensive line and at running back. I am hoping Trey can throw it more this week and not have to run as much himself. I know many boys are still upset about the loss to Oscar Smith High School in Virginia last Friday night. But I must say after watching the player from Oregon throw that sucker punch on TV this weekend, I am very pleased with the way our boys reacted on national television to a very frustrating loss. I'm kind of sad not being able to make Rice Krispie treats for our O-line at our team dinner this Thursday, but that's what happens when you lose.

"At Mom's In Touch this week we prayed Matthew 22:37 over the boys "Jesus said unto him, you should love the Lord thy God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind."

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