Meyer: Sunday Teleconference

Urban Meyer spoke to more media than usual on Sunday during his teleconference, no doubt because of the big game with Tennessee this week. The number one Florida Gators defeated troy Saturday 56-6, a surprising score to Meyer who has a lot of respect for the Trojans. He answered a bevy of media questions and we have those answers for you here.

Here is a transcription of Urban Meyer's answers to the media on Sunday.

Q: What did you think of your team's effort Saturday?

Meyer: "I think they played well. The conditions were made for defense, especially early. I didn't expect that (kind of game) because I have too much respect for the team we played especially the way they have played over the last couple years. I was pleased with their effort and their professionalism and how they played that game."

Q: What were you most worried about and wanted to see in these first two games?

"Defensively, I wanted to see if we continued our approach to the games. Their preparation was really good the last half of the season last year. Near the end it was phenomenal."

"We also had some transition on the offensive staff. That was very concerning that the play caller would be on the field and also coaching five guys. We also had two new coaches in the press box and the way we do things they are very involved. So far it's very good."

Q: Is Chris Rainey better than a year ago and why?

"He is a much stronger player and more complete player than he was. There are a lot of guys that can run fast, but not as dynamic as Rainey. You have to play within the system of football. That means you have to understand right from left, you have to understand a check,pass protection,and ball security. I am really proud of Chris because he is really turning into a complete back."

Q: What is the prognosis for recovery with wide receiver Deonte Thompson who had a hamstring injury Saturday?

"The good thing is when you have a muscle pull there is no strength and he had plenty of strength. We are hoping because of the heat that it was a hydration issue. Obviously he won't practice today and I will know more this afternoon when they come in for treatments. When they come in I will be the first one down there for treatments. They are expecting he is probable for this week."

Q: Did you think Jeff Demps would be this good coming out of high school?

"I have a lot of respect for their coach, Coach Banks at South Lake. We obviously have a good relationship with that school. We knew about Jeff for about 2.5 years and we knew about his track time. The intangibles, the quality of kid, the work ethic. You can't coach a kids that run 10.0 (in the) 100-meters, but you can certainly help change direction of some other things. A lot of people passed on him so I am a little surprised at how good he is, but once you get to know this guy there really isn't much he can't do including a good job in the classroom. He is as good as it gets."

Q: In recruiting how do choose between good football player and talented athlete?

"The first thing is that if you can run fast we are going to evaluate you hard. The thing is if you miss on a recruit miss on him fast and miss on him big. You don't want to miss on him slow or small. If it is between two guys that are similar and one guy is faster, we will take the faster guy. It's just what we believe around here."

Q: Is freshman receiver Omarius Hines primed for playing time?

"He had some injuries to his leg in the spring and couldn't participate, then he kept having them off and on in the fall. He has really come on here as of late and everyone is starting to see the talent he has and he is a good guy. He isn't in the rotation yet, but he is getting real close."

Q: Is there anyone new in the rotation yet at receiver?

"David Nelson would be the first to go out there and then Omarius would be next to go in."

Q: Going into the season, two question marks remained on the team at receiver and offensive tackle, talk about those questions and are they answered?

"Very positive on the wide receiver position. Riley Cooper has separated himself. Deonte, even though he has a couple of drops, he has played very well. David Nelson and Brandon James and Aaron Hernandez ... if we can stay healthy there, we will be fine. One guy that was mentioned that was coming on is Omarius Hines."

"Offensive line we have six players. Carl Johnson when he is in there, he plays pretty good. Matt Patchan does pretty good. That is a constant. We don't mention a starting five, because we have a starting six."

Q: Talk about senior receiver Ril4ey Cooper and what makes him a better player?

"He has improved, not as an athlete, but his attitude. His performance is a result of his attitude. He has some injury issues with his feet. He misses a lot of practice because he is non-functional when he gets to a point. He misses some parts of practice and other parts he is full go and goes 100 miles an hour. He is doing very well.

Q: Is Cooper the best blocker as a receiver you have ever had?

"I would like to think we have had the best ones. I know this is a big a statement, but he is the best I have ever seen. His fundamentals are fine, but what takes him over the top is his toughness and his relentless effort. So yes, he is the best I've seen."

Q: Can you talk about the play of backup quarterback, sophomore John Brantley?

"I just notice he is one of the most efficient passers in the conference. That is a good sign. I think he is throwing the ball very well. In this error of selfishness is tremendous, his attitude is tremendous. When Tim came back a lot of people look at it as a negative. I think John and his family and the team looked at it as a positive. The obvious advantage is that Tim was coming back, the other is that it is one more year to get John ready to go."

Q: Are you able to discern anything so far about Tennessee and Monte Kiffin's defense?

"We have talked to Coach Kiffin many time about the type of defense they play. We are going to saturate ourselves in their first two games, but there isn't really a whole lot of our style of play that we can get something from in the NFL. Their base defense we have an idea of what it is."

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