Tebow Says Chemistry Even Better

Gator quarterback Tim Tebow said with the large number of veterans on both sides of the ball the 2009 Gator football team has the best chemistry of any of the four he's played on.

Tim Tebow made his comments while addressing a slew of media types Monday. He spoke about the closeness of this team, the game with Tennessee and matching up with legendary defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and All-American safety Eric Berry among other things.

He also didn't say much about the Lane Kiffin comments in the off-season, but did talk about having his "Coach's Back" by telling others that accusing Urban Meyer is cheating is not true.


On the chemistry on this team:

"I honestly think this year for the first two games it's been the best chemistry, closest group of guys that we've had since I've been here. I don't really think it's close. The off-season program, what we went through just the camaraderie. Football is a very violent game and in practice there are a lot of arguments and a lot of scuffles. But with this team it's very minimal. It's guys pushing each other to be the best and when you see that you think, man this is a lot different than most teams. There's just not a lot of extra stuff going on. It's just working hard, getting better and trying to be the best team possible. Yes, it sounds cliché, but it's true"

On chemistry with him and his receivers on the field:

"I think it's going great. I think it's improved and every day it's improving. From Saturday in the game to (Sunday) night's practice it keeps improving. I'm feeling more and more comfortable with those guys. They're stepping up and making plays and they make a quarterback look good."

On the progress of Omarius Hines who's third on the team with seven receptions and 98 yards:

"He's really stepping up. He's a big, strong receiver who's young and still a little bit raw. We're working on his fundamentals and route running and understanding things but he's going to be a good one before it's all said and done here. The way he plays he'll continue to get more and more playing time."

On competing against Monte Kiffin:

"I've been watching him a lot obviously. He's a great coach. He's done a lot of amazing things in football. His schemes have revolutionized football. He just does a great job. Everywhere he's been he's put in great defense and great schemes. He's someone I'm looking forward to having a chance to play. I have a lot of respect for him and his ability to coach and scheme up teams and I'm really looking forward to that challenge."

On needing to know where Eric Berry is:

"Oh yeah, definitely. He's a really good player and I think he's one of the best we'll play against. I think he's a play maker and he steps up in big games. I've got a lot of respect for him as a player and think he does a great job. We've faced a lot of great players over the years so I don't think we'll change anything, but you have to be aware of him and realize his range and his speed and his athleticism."

On Berry picking him off and running it back 96 yards for a TD in '07:

"Thanks for bringing that one up. Yeah, I remember that play. That was a good play by him and he made miss (the tackle) too. That's the worst part about it to tell you the truth."

On the atmosphere he's expecting in The Swamp:

"It'll be ridiculous. It's going to be so exciting and fun. I think the part I'm most looking forward to is that bus ride in right before the Gator Walk and you see the fans walking the streets all the way to Museum (road). It's just so cool."


Through two games Tebow has passed for 425 yards and five TD without an interception. He's also run for 72 yards and two more scores. He needs five more rushing TDs to set a new SEC record with 50. He also needs just 176 yards passing and rushing to reach 10,000 yards of total offense.

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