Chat With Tennessee Insider James Bryant

James Bryant of was kind enough to join us for chat Monday night. Bryant took barbs from Gator fans and spit some out on his own. It was a good time had by our fans in chat and here is a general (toned down) recap of what transpired. We hope you enjoy.

Gatormann> Jbryant, I'd like to hear your assessment of UT on the line of scrimmage.
    Offense and defense...
JBryantScoutcom> Offensive line depth is a major issue
JBryantScoutcom> defensive line is really a strength

adamj> Why did Kiffin run off the only decent QB on the roster this Spring?
JBryantScoutcom> He left because he didn't want to be behind Crompton

jsrtreeson> james, so what is up with the lack of Nu'Keese Richardson in the offense so
JBryantScoutcom> Nu'Keese UT Richardson was very involved in the offense for the first game
JBryantScoutcom> just not as much in the second
JBryantScoutcom> I think they are saving him for yall

Gatormann> Who will start at center against UF?
JBryantScoutcom>  Cody Sullins

Gatormann> How good do you see vols oline?  Run blockers?  Pass blockers?
JBryantScoutcom>  O line isn't bad the first five that is, depth isn't good
JBryantScoutcom>  Vlad Richard is much improved
JBryantScoutcom>  So is Chris Scott
JBryantScoutcom>  James Cregg has done a great job with the OL

bulitpruf>  jb, how long before young Kiffin turns things around ?
JBryantScoutcom>  As far as game day coach, he was good the first game, we got in a rut in the second game because of Crompton's inability to do anything other than give back to UCLA
JBryantScoutcom>  If he keeps recruiting like he does now, it won't be very long

Gatormann> I want to hear JB's take...
JBryantScoutcom>  as far as the score?
JBryantScoutcom>  my take?
JBryantScoutcom>   31-14 Florida

Gatormann> on Sullins as a possible liability due to size?
JBryantScoutcom>  Sullins is a scrapper

JasonHigdon> have you ever been there before for a UF UT game?
JBryantScoutcom>  Yes I was a student assistant at the University of Houston when we played yall in 1995 and I was on the sidelines

ifgator> James, What percent of the UT fans are sold on Lane Kiffin
JBryantScoutcom>  Everyone was really excited after the first game
JBryantScoutcom>  disappointed in their play Saturday
JBryantScoutcom>  lol

gatorzrule> How many is UT trying to sign for 2010
JBryantScoutcom>  I expect us to sign 25-18
JBryantScoutcom>   25-28

Gatormann> I like Hardesty and Brown is obviously good.
JBryantScoutcom>  Hardesty is playing his best ball right now

GatorAlumnus> How many years do the fans give him?
JBryantScoutcom>  I would say at least 3
JBryantScoutcom>  very detailed oriented
JBryantScoutcom>  they will give him time to build his program

jdog247> do you think there will be any new wrinkles from UT offensively? after last weekend the conference is shaking in their boots.
JBryantScoutcom>  they didn't get the opportunity to show much last week
JBryantScoutcom>  due to Crompton's poor play

GatorAlumnus> What are the true expectations most Vol fans have for UT's final record this year and what post-season is expected?
JBryantScoutcom>   7-5 to 8-4
JBryantScoutcom>  i think 7-5 would be good

Gatormann> JB, I'm really interested in hearing your assessment on UT personnel.
JBryantScoutcom>  Wide receivers are young but talented, getting Gerald Jones back helps

JasonHigdon> is that kind of the norm with him James, I mean when has he gone out and looked real good besides vs. WK?
JBryantScoutcom>  he isn't very good
JBryantScoutcom>  Well I wasnt here last year, but I understood that he is a great practice player

fish7777> James, how does Monte like college fball?
JBryantScoutcom>  I think Monte is adjusting
JBryantScoutcom>  his defense has played really hard in their first two outings

GatorAlumnus> Will the Vols kick to Brandon James this game or will they just kick it out of bounds?
GatorNAlabama> out of bounds I would assume
JBryantScoutcom>  They kicked it out of bounds the first time, not on purpose

ifgator> James, Which current UF commit do you think UT is most likely able to turn this year???? Or who would they want the most????
JBryantScoutcom>  I would have said Dunkley, but after what they have got recently they might not have room for him
JBryantScoutcom>  Could he pull the Nu'Keese of the year on signing day
JBryantScoutcom>  and join his buddy at Rocky Top

GatorAlumnus> Dunk likes frequent flier miles even more
JBryantScoutcom>  We have an airport

JBryantScoutcom>  Riggs seemed to really enjoy his visit
LutzGator> nukeese and dunk not that close
JBryantScoutcom>  not what I'm told, but hey I'm not a Florida resident

JBryantScoutcom>  I will say that they we have got a great DL recruited so far
JBryantScoutcom>  having the best DL coach in the country doesn't hurt
JBryantScoutcom>  USC, Miami, New Orleans Saints. He is a great DL coach
JBryantScoutcom>  Teaches great technique
JBryantScoutcom>  He is alot smarter X and Os than a lot of people give him credit for

GatorAlumnus> Who is a bigger rival to UT... Bama or FL?
JBryantScoutcom>  Bama

MajorGator> Im from MS and have a lot of ties to Ole Miss and everyone I know there says Orge was buying players
JBryantScoutcom>  I truly don't think so

GatorAlumnus> Who would you rather beat this year... Bama or FL and you can only pick one?
JBryantScoutcom>  Florida
JBryantScoutcom>  because your the No 1 team in the country

ifgator> James, what is the status of Gerald Jones?
JBryantScoutcom>  Gerald should play
adamj> too bad that means less NewKeys
JBryantScoutcom>  NuKeese makes me nervous on punt returns

GatorAlumnus> JBryant -- what are your keys for the game this weekend?
JBryantScoutcom>  We need to have a balanced offensive attack
JBryantScoutcom>  need to control the clock some, and not have the defense on the field the entire game
JBryantScoutcom>  can't turn over the ball
JBryantScoutcom>  Our defense needs to score a couple, Eric Berry needs to return a Tebow pass like he did a couple of years ago

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