Fumble May be Turning Point for Moody

As much as the Gator football staff frowns on turning the ball over, doing it could be a death knell for a ball carrier. However, this coaching staff is big in investment in doing the right things, including the things it takes to get better at hanging on to the ball. Running back Coach Kenny Carter isn't happy with Emmanuel Moody's fumble on Saturday, but the experience may have been vital.

There have been some growing pains for Moody since his arrival on campus. Gifted with great running ability, he has had a penchant for turning the ball loose. In this offense, there are a number of great ball carriers and athletes that can do things with the ball, so giving it away isn't going to get you places.

For Carter, it is the ultimate sin on the field

"I don't know where he stands in his mindset, but he knows where I stand in mine," Carter started when asked their mutual thoughts on the fumble Saturday. "You cannot turn the ball over. Now, he went back in and played. We have things to take care of that when you do fumble.

There are always going to be exceptions to anything that happens, but they have some hard and set mechanics that the Gators run with and when one of those mechanics breaks down and it causes a turnover, that is when the teacher comes out to correct the mistake.

"He knows why he fumbled, that is the number one thing," Carter said. "We don't just say you fumbled. We examine why it happened. It happened because the ball was low and when he got tackled from behind because it was low. The guy pulled the ball out. We addressed those issues and he has to get himself in a position where he earns our trust again and he will. Unfortunately, those things happen and there is a price to pay for it."

It isn't as if they will throw Moody out with the bathwater and as Carter said he re-entered the game and just didn't get his number called. However, until he can fix the issue, he won't be the first one called.

"The trust is there but you are always going to hang on that one time when a guy fumbles," Carter said. "You have to be diligent in practice and prove it was an accident and that it wasn't because of negligence. I don't think was intentional, but mechanically it was and that's what we address."

Carter is not going to dwell on it. Moody has progresses as a teammate and understands what the issue is and has worked since to correct it.

"He's done great, they all have (this week in practice)," he said. "There is no grace period and no worry about crying in your beer when it comes to us. When you do it, you do it."

"He knew on Sunday. We met on Saturday and on Sunday and quite frankly he was upset with himself that it happened. It took him to a point emotionally that I have not seen before, especially last year. I knew he was growing because it bothered him that it happened. He didn't blow it off and say whatever, he was very upset about it and that was very good."

Carter believes that this one fumble may be one of those moments of negativity that has made Moody's star shine brighter than it has in the last year plus.

"I know him very well and he has his times he is very emotional and that was good to see, because that means he is invested," Carter said. "That is when you know you got a guy where you want him."

Now Emmanuel Moody can go back to just playing football, just hold the ball a little higher.

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